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PostSubject: Lord Bale   Lord Bale EmptyTue Aug 10, 2010 9:59 pm

Heres a little story about my sociopathic Sith Warrior, Lord Bale. It's about him fighting three jedi on Ord Mantell....I also would like to warn you that this story uses the word "Vicious" perhaps a tad to much......

Lord Bale had been sent by the Sith Empire to Ord Mantell to help oversee the Rebellion taking place on the planet. He couldn’t believe it; they were sending him to look over idiotic farmers who wanted to play war. He was insulted by the Overlords of Korriban, why were they sending one of their best light saber duelists away to some backwater planet to watch over some small little war? But, he was surprised once he realized that there were Jedi on the planet as well, surprised and intrigued. This could be the reason they sent him here, to prove his worth to the Sith Empire. He had set up a trap, helped spread rumors that there was a Sith Lord on the planet; and to help spread the rumors he attack a couple farms, butchering everyone at the places with his light saber.

The idiotic Jedi's eventually fell into his trap. They sent three Knights to deal with him, one middle aged Human with greying hair who was obviously a Jedi Knight he was walking with the utmost arrogance, the fool. Then there was a much younger Human Jedi, one who seemed to have just become a Knight, he was almost insulted by this they were sending a Padawn who had just become a Knight after him? But, there was also Female Twi'lek with them, and from the looks of it she was in charge. She wasn’t an overly powerful force wielder, from what he could sense, but she carried herself like a true fighter. She was also much more cautious then the other two, walking behind them.

"You know, all of these reports of a Sith here are lies right? There reports from scared villagers" The young Jedi said.

"It doesn’t matter, the reports claim that a light saber killed those farmers...And besides, you saw the carnage, what else besides a Sith Lord could do that?" The older Human said,the tone of his voice obviously turning to fear, which almost made Bale laugh. The Twi'lek suddenly stopped; he figured that she finally sensed him.
"We have company...” She said after staring into the blackness of the cave he had lured them into.

"Who’s ever in the come out with your hands up!" The youngest Jedi yelled.
Bale laughed at this, the cave exit amplifying his voice.
"So, this is all the Jedi could muster? Two Humans and a Twi'lek? I'm rather disappointed..." Bale said as he exited the cave.

"You heard the lad, put your hands up Sith scum, and we won’t hurt you!" The older Human yelled at him, although he sounded confident, and strong there was a hint of doubt in his voice.

Bale responded by igniting his ornate light saber, the hilt solid black with mysterious Sith runes running around the blade. The blood red blade was a stark contrast to the bright of the day around them.

"So....its death you choose then!" The younger Jedi yelled as he lunged towards him.

"Adell! No!"
The Twi'lek yelled as she ignited her blue blade and charged towards Bale.
Bale blocked the clumsy assault from the young Jedi, and then quickly countered with a vicious cut towards the kid's head, decapitating him. Both Jedi stopped in their tracks, almost stunned at what had happened.

"Hmm..." Bale said "That was rather pathetic for a Jedi, what cant his masters defend him, or are they to scared?"

"You’re going to pay for that you bastard" The Twi'lek growled, the Human next to her looked as if he was in slight shock, never taking his eyes off the dead boy’s body.

Bale quickly took advantage of this, and reached out with the force, summoning up a deep purple lightning. Although he had never been great at wielding the force, it was enough to bring the stunned Jedi back to reality. The Jedi jumped out of the way of the lightning, Bale not even trying to follow his movements stopped casting the spell. The Twi'lek then jumped forward striking with her light saber; Bale blocked the attack, and delivered a vicious kick to her legs. The women stumbled backwards, but before Bale could finish her off the other Jedi Knight leapt forward, striking with his light blue light saber. This pissed Bale off, how dare an insolent whelp get between him and his prey. Bale switched to form Juyo and attacked the Knight viciously, while the Twi'lek recovered. The man was barely able to hold Bale back, he was screaming for help. The Twi'lek jumped towards Bale to join the fray, while Bale smoothly switched to form Ataru, leaping over the two and cutting the leg off of the Human, who let out a satisfying scream as he dropped to the ground, holding his leg.

The Twi'lek screamed out as he fell to the ground. Bale stepped away, and spun his light saber in a circle, taunting the Twi'lek. He figured he could probably taunt her into becoming a Sith, but it had been far too long since he had fought a real opponent. The Twi'lek let a savage scream and charged forward. Bale, easily blocking the attacks, switched back to Juyo and started hammering the Twi'leks defenses, the two were in a death struggle, until Bale struck out with his fist, hitting the women in the nose and breaking it. He then effortlessly cut off the women’s sword arm, and laughed as she realized what had happened. She dropped to her knees, staring at the dead boy, then to the other Human who was staring in shock back at her.

Bale took in a deep breath as he walked towards the older Human; the man realized what was going to happen and tried to crawl away. Bale stopped him by standing on his back, lifted up his light saber, and while looking at the Twi'lek with a sinister smile plunged the saber into his back. He then calmly walked over to the Twi'lek, with his light saber deactivated.

"So, that’s all the Jedi can offer? I must say, I am very disappointed." The Twi'lek was either in too much shock, or didn’t even bother to acknowledge him, still staring at her fallen comrades.

"I do have the power to save you. Think about it, all the power, you just witnessed plus more. You could be a Sith Lord, in command of your own armies, wouldn’t that be so much better than being sent away to die? You and your pathetic order can’t stop the Sith, you know this...Join us and you shall have all the power in the world" Bale said to the Twi'lek, who slowly looked up to him.

"Just kill me you bastard" So, Bale fulfilled her last wish, decapitating the Twi'lek.
Bale looked back at the carnage and simply laughed at the idiotic Jedi as he slowly turned around, pulling his cape over his head.

Might see more of him in future tales, along with Brucil...Who knows?

"King Clovis, of House Clovianan, First of His Name. Lord of the Clovis, The Clovians, and the Cloviar. Protector of the Clovis, and Lord of the Seven Clovi."

Lord Bale Brucil10
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Lord Bale
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