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 Operation: Darkfall

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PostSubject: Operation: Darkfall   Operation: Darkfall EmptySat Oct 10, 2009 4:05 pm

A ship crashes on Dxun... The moon of Onderon, as a blazing fireball.

Soldier... SOLDIER!!! Somebody dragged Titan away from the wreckages of a burning pile of what used to be a gunship... "Are you okay, kid?" A trooper hung over him. "It was a rough landing, it's amazing you survived! Do you feel any pain?" Titan answered: "A stimpack would be great sir!" Titan put off his helmet and directly inserted the injection needle in his neck. He stood up...

The trooper said: "Soldier, you remember your objective we had to dissable the sith orbital defense grid!" "Yes i remember sir!" The trooper answered: "Good, my name is Luitenant Carvain and you are?" Titan answered: "My name is Private Titan, sir. Ready for orders!"

They wandered through a large forrest... You could see the guns fireing at the ships in red flashes of light... It was night so the guns weren't visible, due to the darkness on the planet they were on. As Titan walked he saw that the armor of Luitenant Carvain was different from anything he had ever seen. A weird vizor which looked very high tech. They arrived at the orbital defense their outer perimeter. A large part of the base was destroyed by bombers. Yet 3 of the guns still fired.

They went in... Suddenly Lt. Carvain said: "Stop, get down" A couple of sith troopers went by. Titan said: "Come on we can take them." LT Carvain told him: "Soldier there is time for killing and there is time for being quit. We are outgunned and outnumbered. If you want to get killed you keep doing that." Titan answered: "Yes, sir" (with a tone of anoyance in his voice)

They sneaked in avoiding patrolls. Then from the north blasterfire sounded. Titan and Carvain went to the roof of a half destroyed building. They saw a couple of Republic soldiers assaulting the base. But there was little time. Because the troopers weren't winning. Carvain said: "If they keep this up we can plant the explosives on the guns you take that one i'll take the other 2."

Titan walked in a corridor. He had both his blasters in his hands. 2 Sith Troopers were running towards the exit. They were confused when they saw the trooper. They tried to aim their carbines but they were to late. Titan already shot them both. Their lifeless bodies fell on the ground. Titan walked towards them and shot them through the head to make sure they were dead. He heared a huge explosion.

He watched outside through a window. He saw one of the guns completely destroyed. Confused by this, the sith fighting the republic troopers were distracted. And the republic troopers mowed down lots of the sith troopers. Titan knew he had to do this very quick. And ran towards the power junction of the cannon. And he placed an explosive. He quickly ran towards the exit. But 6 troopers were in front of him. Titan ran towards them however with his dual blasters fireing. He was shot in the leg in the proces. But killed the Troopers.

He detonated the explosives. The republic troopers were slowly pushing forward, winning of the sith forces. Then the other tower blew up as well. But then he heard. Titan get out of there they are co... And all he heared was a zooming noise cutting through flesh... The sound he heard before... When his parents were slaughtered...

Then outside he heard guns fireing men screaming. 2 sith warriors were slaughtering them. Titan ran towards the sounds but it was to late. One of the sith was forcechoking the last of the troopers. Titans took our his wristblades. And he sneaked towards the weakest looking sith. And cutted him down. His blades slicing through flesh. But the other sith noticed. And leaped towards Titan with his lightsaber.

"You will die foolish trooper" He said in a sissing noise. Titan tried to fend off the attacks. Suddenly the sith made a nasty move and sliced into Titans face... Titan screamed, the pain was insanely intense... He fell on the ground... And the sith left him for dead. Then suddenly out of the darkness a red light deemed forward behind the sith. And he was scalped by a red lightsaber... Then he saw that Lt Carvain wielded it... With one arm... His other was cut off. Carvain fell on the ground.

Titan walked towards him. And said... Everything will be okay sir... But it had no use... He was dead. Titan felt the pain on his face. But it didn't take long he blackened out....

He awoke and drifted in a kolto tank... The tank pumped out the kolto and Titan fell out. As he stood up a medic walked towards him. Soldier, i have bad and good news. Titan answered: "What is the news?" Your wound will never heal, there was nothing we could do, i am sorry." Titan looked in the pool of kolto and saw a horrible scar near his eye. But he didn't care, he gave nothing about his looks. Titan asked: "So what is the good news?" The doctor said: "Due to your actions in this mission you have been promoted to Sergeant. Congratulations Sergeant. You'll get an official to tell you that shortly i guess." Titan dressed himself and walked out of the room...
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Operation: Darkfall
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