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 TSG:Going Under

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PostSubject: TSG:Going Under   Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:13 pm

Wrote this for my clan on Runescape. The names/people are all real. It's a work in progress.


Chapter One: Going Under

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Can they see me?

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

Can they smell my fear?

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

Can they feel the Force around me?

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

Oh god, can they hear my heart beating?

Thud. Thud. A struggle for a breath.

I can barely see. My vision is getting so blurry.

Thud. Thud. Thud. A drop of sweat plunges down off my brow and makes a splat sounding noise on a leaf.

Oh god, did they - did she - hear that?

Footsteps. From the right. Is it her? Could it be her? Thud. Thud.

Can I hide behind this tree forever?

The footsteps are getting closer. Oh, god.

Thud. Thud.

They sound like they're right next to--

"Hello, Aeraie."


"Aer? Did you hear what I just said? You were really zoning out there," Dano told me. Dano was a councilor on the High Sith Council. I was the Dark Lord of Diplomacy; we were both high ranking members of the organization known as The Sith Gods.
I shook my head and rubbed my eyes, trying to get the flashback out of my mind.
"Yeah, sorry. Just.. I don't know. I think I've been here before," I replied. Dano gave me that look again; his look saying "Are you out of your mind?"
"You know that's got to be near impossible, Aer. This is a jungle planet on the outer rim that was only settled once, over 10,000 years ago. Maybe you're mistaking here for somewhere else?" He proposed.
"Must be," I mumbled. There was a silence between the two of us. Finally, Dano spoke.
"My trackers are picking up some buildings about a mile just west of here. The structure looks, well, massive. They're probably the ruins we're looking for."
I gazed west, but saw only the dense jungle of the planet. I sighed. It didn't surprise me.
"About time something showed up. Let's get there and poke around a little, then call in the others if its the ruins, all right?" I responded.
"Sounds fine to me," Dano stated.
We clawed our way the mile west, hoping that this destination would be our final one on this planet. At last, we reached a clearing. On either side of the clearing were two buildings that were completely corroded, save for one, weak, deep gray wall. In the center of the clearing there appeared to be a pyramid of some sort, made out of the same gray stone the other buildings were made of. It stood perhaps 50 feet into the air with slow rising steps to a single, abandoned entrance. Perhaps the strangest trait about the building, however, is that it showed no signs of age. It was completely intact, without so much as a chip in the flawless stonework.
"Beautiful but...." Dano trailed off.
"Strange?" I finished.
"Yeah. Eerie, too. Something isn't right. Something doesn't feel right. Like it's out of place," He said.
"Like that temple?" I pointed.
"Like that temple," he stated. We stood there and stared in silence, taking in the sheer power if the place. Dano and I exchanged glances, and then split up to look at the crumbled ruins on the sides.

I bent down, tucking my long, blonde hair behind my ear as I scooped up a handful of the rubble in a gloved hand. I let it run through the gaps in my fingers much like a child playing with sand would. There was absolutely nothing to be found here. I accidentally collapsed the last standing wall with a simple push, and watched it crumble to dust. I sighed, unsatisfied with my findings before making a beeline to the front of the pyramid where Dano stood.
He grinned at me.
"This is it. I already called in Jag and the others to meet us here, and then we can see what's through that door," he informed me. I returned him with a satisfied grin before responding,
"And then we'll be going under."

Chapter Two: Before the Dawn

Cullousus paced in the dark, red tinted meditation room aboard his own personal ship, "Basilone," stroking his beard. After pacing for what seemed to be forever, a holographoc figure appeared in the middle of the room, followed by a static voice he recognized to be the councilor Jags.

"Emporer Cullousus, Aeraie and Dano have discovered the ruins you spoke of. They appear to be quite massive with many underground channels, so the whole ship party is requesting to explore the temple. Do you approve?" Jag's message, although static sounding, came in loud and clear to Cullousus.

"Anything to get my hands on those old holocrons made so long ago by Freedon Nadd and Darth Darrko, moo," Cullousus replied, glancing at Jag's holocron through his one good eye.
"Very well, Emporer. Thank you," responded Jag.
"Aye. Keep in mind I want those holcrons soon, Councilor."
"Of course, Emporer. When do you want them by?" Jag inquired. Cullousus grunted and gave him the deadline,
"Before the dawn."

I stood next to Dano, my arms crossed over the heavy, gold embroidered camisole I wore. My once blue-green eyes, turned orange with the corruption of the dark side, were squinted and staring at the small craft landing in the far side of the field containing the ruins. Slowly the ship landed, dropping down its feet and blowing air out to make a steady landing.
The landing ramp extended to the ground as the ship landed. Slowly figures began to unload from the ship: Lost was the first to step off, his dark Sith robes sweeping along his body, his two lightsabers clicked onto his belt, his short, dirty blonde hair swaying in the breeze, his eyes, one icy blue and one a fiery yellow staring straight at me. He glided over to stand next to Dano and I, greeting us with a simple 'Hullo.' Shortly after, a taller figure stepped off the ramp. He was dressed in lavish red robes with a worn black mandalorian chestplate and worn gold and black boots, gauntlets, and neck guard. He had black hair, deathly pale skin, and two deep, red eyes that matched both his outfit and his personality. He, too, had two lightsabers attached to either side of his belt. He flashed us a smile before turning around to watch his brotherlike figure, Ninjasomg, step off the landing ramp. Ninjasomg was dressed in full black and gray mandalorian beskar armor that covered up his various prosthetic limbs. He himself had dark, mahogany brown hair and brown eyes spiked with traces of Sith yellow. He grunted as he stepped off the last drop off of the ramp and onto the mushy soil of the planet. He grinned widely, striding over to where the rest of us were standing, embracing me with a hug.
"Been a long time, hasn't it?" He asked me rhetorically. I smiled.
"A couple years, at least. Ah, well, it was bound to happen eventually," I replied. Just then, Dante began walking down the ramp towards the rest of us. Dante wore full black Sith robes with gray mesh armor overtop. He had a single lightsaber on the right side of his belt. Overall, he had a wolfish complex: jet black hair with pale skin and yellow eyes. He walked over next to Saint, informing us that Jag would be out in a minute. I nodded in reply.
At last, Jag stepped off of his ship, closing the landing ramp behind him. He was clad in gray Sith robes with short sleeves. Like Saint, he, too, had a chesplate;however, his was gray-black in color and looked newer. He had one visible lightsaber hanging on his belt. Jag had dark brown hair with natural dirty blonde highlights that fit his tanned complexion. His eye color varied with lighting, appearing to be a cyan, silver, or orange most of the time. He quietly informed us that The Emporer wanted the holocrons before the dawn. I nodded, telling the group that, although the task would be challenging, we could complete it.
Together, as one, we strode towards the entrance to the temple, knowing the hardest part of our journey was yet to come.
Chapter Three: Haunted
We strode up the flight to the top of the temple as if w owned it. At the top, there was a single indentation in the wall, covered in an ancient language.
"Must be the door," I muttered. I waved my hand in front of the great stone door, using an upwards force push technique. We heard the stone on stone grinding noise of the door as a billow of dust greeted us from the inside of the dark fortress. Without a word, we stepped inside. The door rumbled again, notifying that it was closed, and as temples go, we were probably locked inside.
"I can't see a thing in here!" Jag moaned.
"Don't be such a pansy," Dante replied, creating a small ball of light in his hand. Ninja raised his eyebrows underneath his old Mandalorian helmet.
"Torches. On the sides of the walls," He said, throwing flames on both sides simultaneously, lighting the torches. Dante put his light out.
"There we go," Jag muttered. We walked a few more steps forward to enter the first room in the temple.
"Everyone, tight formation! Proceed slowly! This place has got to be trap galore!" I yelled. We all immediately formed up into a tight triangle, with me in the front. I saw something shining in the middle of the room, and crouched towards it. By the time I was in the center, everyone had passed into the center square of the room.
Suddenly, four walls of stone rose up out of the floor and quickly slammed into the ceiling, trapping us in an airtight compartment in the center of the room. Gas began to ventilate from the shiny vent in the center of the room. I swore under my breath,putting my arm over my mouth to try and protect my airways.
"Cut open the walls! Find some sort of lever! Do something!" I choked out. Saint and Ninja worked on one wall as Dante looked for a lever and Jag, Dano, and I tried force pushing one of the walls down. Nothing seemed to work. I began to feel very light headed. My consciousness was fading. As I began to switch between awake and unconscious, I let out bursts of dark side energy. My last moment before I faded into the darkness was sending a huge amount of dark side energy slamming into all four walls. As I hit the floor unconscious, the walls began to go down and the gas stopped ventilating. Saint and Dano picked me up by the arms and dragged me into the next hallway where I retained consciousness.
"Whoa," I muttered, "That was way too close. We -- I -- need to be more careful from now on." No one dared to respond.
The hallway was a long, eerie corridor. It was as if six thousand spirits were dammed here, screaming and clawing at the walls for a way out.
"This place is..." Dano started.
"Haunted?" Saint finished.
"Yeah. But....deeper? It's almost like the place is so dead, it's alive," Dano responded.
"Like its going to swallow us whole?" Saint replied.
"Yeah," Dano said.
We reached the end of the hallway, sliding the stone door to the next room away.
The room seemed to be vast and had a dark, musty smell with an undertone that smelled similar to human flesh. Somewhere, in the darkness, something sighed.
A grumble, followed by heavy footsteps.
We all froze.
Ninja threw another fireball in the direction of the noise. The fireball lit up the spiky, slimy texture of the beast. It was the size of a rancor, with jutting spikes and gleaming yellow eyes.
"TERENTATEK!" I shrieked, whipping out my double bladed violet lightsaber. Before I could even act, however, Saint slid across the smooth rock floor, both red lightsabers drawn. His lightsabers wrapped around the foot of the beast, slicing it clean off. Dante tried using beast control on the monster, but to no avail as terentatek are immune to all force attacks. Jag and Dano flanked the creature with Ninja sneaking around to the tail. I charged headfirst towards the beast. While Saint and Ninja dodged the tail on the beast, Jag cut part of the terentatek's foot off and Dano worked on the other side. I tried stabbing the beast in the head, but was thrown 2 backwards 20 feet. Out of nowhere, two lightsabers spun in perfect arcs, angled at the beasts neck, slicing it right off. Lost stepped out of the shadows, catching his lightsabers as they came back to him. We all stared in awe at the feat he accomplished.
"That's the way it's done," Lost stated with a slight grin on his face. I shook my head, sheathed my lightsaber, and walked towards the other end of the room.
"Let's keep moving, everyone. Lost.....I don't even know how to respond to that. Just do it again if there's another, will you?" I said.
"Of course," Lost replied as we all trudged towards the next door. I opened the door and we stepped into a room that had already lit torches. Seven corridors braced the room, opened, waiting for someone to walk through them.
"Seven corridors and seven of us. We need to make this mission fast as our deadline is before the dawn," Jag informed. I sighed.
"Then let's split up: one for each corridor, shall we?" I responded. Everyone else gave reluctant moans of agreement. "All right then. Saint, you take the first on the left. Then Lost in the second, Ninja in the third, I'll go in the fourth, Dante in the fifth, Jag the sixth, and Dano you take the last one. That okay?" I asked. Everyone nodded. Divided, we went our seperate ways into the tunnels, searching for the holocrons.

Unfortunately, we forgot one thing: these tunnels were haunted.
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PostSubject: Re: TSG:Going Under   Wed May 04, 2011 6:44 am

Thanks! I'll post more chapters up later.
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TSG:Going Under
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