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 History of the 107th Special Task Force

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PostSubject: History of the 107th Special Task Force   Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:08 pm

Hello there Smile

I just felt I would give you a little part of my character Bio, as I think you can judge a character better when you see what he does in different situations.


Chapter 1.
"Dropdown at Point Zero-Five" Part 1.

"Red Alert. Every Soldier has to emmediatly go to the Drop-Ship he was assigned to. I repeat...Red Alert. Every Soldier has to emmediatly report to the Drop-Ship he was assigned to.". Like the call of war the metallic voice of a droid went trough the halls of the Ship. Soldiers were running around in Chaos. It was like Hell came to the Endeavour. The Capitol Ship was orbitting Christophsis, one of the Worlds the Sith took during the Sacking of Coruscant from the native Christophsians. "Move on Recruit." A young men said while running one meter before another, much younger, men with a grin.
"Wait a moment Sergeant! Arent we supposed to be the dropped down in an hour? Why are we running so fast anyway?!" the younger men asked, loud and clearly towards the Sergeant in front of him. "Your first mission, eh? We were supposed to drop down in an hour, but plans have changed. The Empire is going berserk down there. Remember Soldier: You are now in the 107th Unit. Plans change here every second. Be always prepared for everything." the Young men with long brown hair explained while running towards a Drop-Ship. It was customized with many things, such as Republic Trooper Helmets painted on the metal. "Anything else you want to tell me Sergeant?" the Recruit asked while both were running up the ramp into the darkness of the Drop-Ship. "Just this one thing rookie...Welcome to hell!" he answered while the ramp covered both of them as it closed down.

"Excuse me General. I had a small Issue while making my Weapons ready. My DC-15S was damaged. I had to repair it." the Sergeant explained to an old man, standing at around 2 meters. He had gray hair and a face that was made out of years of war. "No problem. I was just getting started. You want to explain the mission, Hawk?" the General asked. Hawk nooded, saluting for a second in front of the General. As the old man sat down on one of the chairs in the shuttle, Hawk turned to the Soldiers inside the Shuttle. Everyone was heavily armed, prepared for everything. Hawk took one of the larger rifles from the shelf left of him and placed it on his back, holding it at the leather belt that went around his shoulder. "Alright men! This is it! Today the Battle of Christophsis is the most dangerous thing in the Galaxy. Both sides, Republic and Empire, want this planet. Why? I dont know. But we dont have to know. You, all 20 men, are the most brave soldiers on this Capitol Ship. We will go down at point Zero. There is no time to land, so we will simply jump out of the Ship. Our task is to infiltrate the Empires base of Operations. I dont have to remind you how dangerous this is...there will be Soldiers, tanks, droids, and even a Sith-Warrior was seen inside the base. We have to free the people inside. The Empire took Miners and theyr familys hostage. No excuses...there is just one for not fighting: Another Soldiers tells me or the General you have been killed in battle.".

While Hawk was explaining the Situation the Drop-Ship took of from the Hangar of the Capitol Ship with a loud sound as its engines were started up. Hawk nooded once to his men as he said: "Prepare yourself!". Then he walked straight trough the room. And it was a small room. Dark...just a few small spots were providing a bit of light, just enough to see each other. The Air was heavy and full of the stinking smell of sweat. Hawk entered the Cockpit of the small drop-ship. A young women was sitting in front of the Controls, navigating the shuttle trough the Force-field that was protecting the people inside the hangar from getting sucked out into empty space. "Everything prepared?" the young women asked towards Hawk. Hawk was just standing behind her, laying his arm onto her seat. "Of course it is. They are ready. More or less.". The young women nooded, piloting the ship closer to the planet. Christophsis was beautiful when the planet was viewed from space. Even the ground was more beautiful then many other things in the Galaxy. But it could also become a beautiful tomb.

For the next 5 minutes Hawk closed his eyes. He was resting. The calm minutes before the hours of storm. "We arrived.". The voice of the young women dragged him back into reality. Into the upcoming storm. "Alright. As soon as we jumped out, leave. Tell the Captain he shall send the normal soldiers as soon as he can. Good luck!" Hawk explained. As he wished the women good luck he clapped her shoulder once. His glove produced a rather strange sound on the shoulder, the synthetic material was robust but it felt like nothing. As he stepped out of the light, back into the dusty room full of Troopers they were standing. They made the last preparations on theyr weapons. Some were screwing scopes on, some were screwing Grenade-Launchers onto them. Hawk didnt bothered to talk to anyone now. The young men walked straight towards the exit. It was still closed down. THe General stood up and shouted: "I think the Sergeant has some last words before the mission begins.". The General was also fully prepared. He was heavily armed. His gun was the largest of the whole squad, as it was for heavy assault. Hawk took the Helmet that was given to him by the General and placed it onto his head. He closed it down to lock it onto his head. As the black visors produced datas from the inside Hawk took up his DC-15S. "Just one last thing for all of you. Good luck. And remember: The 107th doesnt make any mistakes. Just this one: We take all the fun for us alone!". Hawk was smiling unerneath his helmet while the others were shouting: "UAH!".

The ramp opened up in front of everyone. The sunlight of Christophsis was shining onto theyr armors and made everything in the room visible. "Move on!" Hawk ordered while jumping out of the Drop-Ship, straight to the ground around 3 meters away from the Ship. He performed a skillfull role as he arrived. The others followed him, one by one they jumped out of the Ship. As everyone jumped out the Drop-Ship vanished into the clouds. "Move fast and silent!" was the next Order. Hawk started to run as fast as he could, the others trying to follow him.
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PostSubject: Re: History of the 107th Special Task Force   Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:04 pm

Me gusta... Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: History of the 107th Special Task Force   Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:32 pm

Just thought I would Upload part 2 and 3 too. I have some free time right now.


"Dropdown at Point Zero-Five" Part 2

"Find cover!" The Sergeant shouted into the Batallion. Quickly the young man performed a jump to get behind one of the larger Crystals on Christophsis. The whole Batallion was looking for cover behind Crystals and everything else that could provide cover. A bunch of Sith-Troopers and Tanks were walking right in front of them. Trough the Microphone in his helmet Hawk gave a basic order: "Stay out of sight. The base walls are right over there. If we start a fight here, we will be discovered in no time.". Everyone was quite. One false step, just one falling weapon could make the mission a huge failure. But nothing happened. The Sith walked away, right to the battlefield the Republic Military was fighting on against them. Hawk waved with his hand in the air as the people startet to run to the wall. Those walls were the walls at the back of the base. Nobody was expecting an assault from there, mostly not onto a full equipped base of operation. "Six, Seven: Go over there and deactivate the security cameras. Nine: Make the Security spikes ready to overwrite the Cell-doors. Rookie: Help me up that wall. Like in Training...movement 24-Ω. Go!" Hawk explained to his squad. Everyone gave a simple "Rogger!" as reply, just the Rookie was a bit surprised. Everything was so fast, not as in the slow training simulations. With impressive speed Hawk was running towards the Rookie, who was standing in front of the wall. "Now!" he said, loud, but also whispering in some manner. Appareantly surprised, but also confident, Rookie did as the maneuver was supposed to happen: He placed his hand before his stomache, giving Hawk a plattform for his right foot. As he stepped onto it, the young Rookie tried to lift up his hands, with success. This, and the jump that Hawk performed, gave the young men enough power to get a hold onto the edge of the wall. Now the Rookie quickly took the heavy blaster rifle on the ground and gave it to Hawk, who was hanging at the wall.

After a quick swing Hawk was sitting on the wall. Facing the squad with his back he said: "Hurry up. Give me the Equipment. Then do as I did with Mals help!" he whispered. The Soldiers had not noticed them yet, and this should not change for the next Minutes. They were totally distracted by the battle, raging on in front of theyr Main-Gate. The building in front of them did the rest, providing some savety against curios Soldier-eyes. The Rookie made up his way pretty fast. As he was up he helped other soldiers up the wall.

After around a Minute, and a few pretty dangerous climbing actions, everyone was inside the small gap between the Store-house and the wall inside of the base. "Three, spot the left exit of the gap, I´ll look into the Datapad. There has to be a plan somewhere inside this thing." Hawk ordered the old men around. Hawk was kneeing at the right exit of the Gap, spotting outside of it with a small mirror. "Twenty Guards. Maybe even more....how is it on your side?" Hawk asked. "Atleast 40" Three whispered trough the gap. "Alright. We will take this way. How is it going Seven... Is the wall open?". The Zabrak Trooper was cutting a hole into the strong wall by using something that looked like a Vibroblade, just heated up to cut trough much more then just flesh. "Nearly. About two Minutes. Maximum." After Hawk nooded in approvement he took something out of his pocket, looking like some sort of Picture. As he gave it to the Rookie, he said: "You lost something on your way here. Was just curios if you want to hold onto this Picture when you are crying for mercy.". Hawk was laughing as he handed the Picture over. A young girl was seen on it, together with the Rookie. "Thank you Sergeant. That is my girlfriend. She is..." he started to explain, but he was interrupted by Three: "Boy, we dont have time to listen to your life-summary. Now do your job.". Hawk quickly said to protect the Rookie: "Dude, he is just 18. Leave him alone. Concentrate on the mission Rookie, then you will see her again. And another thing you better do...". Hawk was talking slowly. It seemed that he prepared for something. His DC-15S was ready to fire, and his hand were quite, not shaking one inch. As a thunder of explosions broke out at the main gate Hawk said: "Stick to me!".

Like he was hitten by a Thunderstrike the young Sergeant was running towards the Cells. As he reached the entrance he quickly attached a device to the door, releasing the magnetic seal from the door. He quickly pulled it open with his bare hands, using all the power he could gain out of his body. Taking his DC-15S back from the Rookie besides him he stepped into the Building. Many people were sitting there...crouching in a dark corner. As Hawk walked inside they were trying to get as far away from him as they could, stopping at the cold, iron walls. "Dont worry. I´m Sergeant Kento Mo-rael. 107th Republic Special Task Force. Follow me. We will bring you out of here.". The people were now smiling, everyone was getting up quickly. "Hurry up. We will secure the woman and children first. Men afterwards. Hurry up!" Hawk explained while unlocking his DC-15S to be prepared for incoming enemys.

A few seconds later, just the time a heart needs to beat once, Hawk and the Rookie were laying at the gate, theyr backs resting on it. Hawk turned his head a bit, looking onto Three with the corner of his eye. Three nooded, the hole was done. A quick glimpse with the mirror didnt show any Sith-Soldiers around, so Hawk said: "Now! Quick!". Hawk didnt even had time to face the people in the building as they were making theyr way out of it pretty fast. One by one was running towards three. As they arrived he was showing them the hole inside the wall. While the Rookie was smiling underneath his helmet he said: "Everything is going well. We will be gone in no time.". Hawk faced him, his black visor was penetrating his very body: "You are quite optimistic... Something WILL go wrong...trust me...It...". Hawk was not able to finish his sentence as a unknown voice shouted trough the base: "The prisoners escape! Get Security to the Cell!". Now Hawk was shouting: "For the Republics sake...Now I am pissed!". He pulled one of the woman who was exiting the room back in again, throwing her into the crowd. Making a quick turn, moving his whole body around, Hawk made his way to the open field of the base. "Fixer, Boil! Your turn. Help me out here!". This was the last sentence Hawk was able to bring out before a blaster bolt hit the wall besides him, spreading sparks into the air.

After a quick kick a hill of different supplies was falling apart, providing a save spot to hide behind. Hawk kneeled down, behind the hill of junk. Blaster-bolts were hitting the junk and the wall aside of him very often. "Rookie! Stay inside! Wait for the Compact Energy shields!". The Rookie was not able to hear the order in time, jumping out of the room into the hill of junk too. "That was an order!" hawk shouted, clearly angry. "Too late. I cant get back in again without beeing shot down.". Hawk said: "You better watch out now.". After he gave the young Trooper a basic instruction of the DC15-S Hawk jumped up all of a sudden. His weapon and head were sticking out of the junk. His finger, like it was just natural for Hawk to shot people down, moved on his own. Pushing the trigger towards his chest he fired the DC15-S onto the Enemy Soldiers which were approaching the Cells. One or two of them were hitten by the blue blaster-bolts. "Argh!" they cried into the air as sparks were flying into thin air out of the places they were hitten by the blue energy. The other soldiers were quickly looking for cover behind everything in the base. Other junk, craves, Supplies.

After Hawks fire came to an end after about 10 Seconds he was falling back into the junk. "I hope we can hold out long enough...Fixer, Boil...Hurry up!"...
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PostSubject: Re: History of the 107th Special Task Force   Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:14 pm

I like it! The only thing I would suggest is maybe spacing it a bit, all those colors kind of play with my eyes lol.

But other then that, like it Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: History of the 107th Special Task Force   

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History of the 107th Special Task Force
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