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 Secret Police: An extract from All Sides of the Force

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Tellen Silversun
Tellen Silversun

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Secret Police: An extract from All Sides of the Force Empty
PostSubject: Secret Police: An extract from All Sides of the Force   Secret Police: An extract from All Sides of the Force EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 6:13 pm

The following is taken from the book "All sides of the Force", a published work by Tellen Silversun. It is his autobiography, and also contains a manual for Jedi, detailing skills a Jedi should have. It has become a prescribed work for many Jedi Libraries across the galaxy.

<<Accessing Database.>>

<<Retrieving Data. Please Wait....>>

<<Data Found. Beginning Playback.>>

<<Transcript begins. Holo-image (Subject {i}) begins to speak. Image identified as Tellen Silversun>>

{i}: After dealing with Harkansha, my flight on the Halber's Vengeance was swift. Unfortunately, it would be the first, last and only time that ship would ever let me down. I lost a part of myself with that ship when it was shot down by the guns of Harkansha's Cruiser, and I count myself lucky that the ambush took place above the skies of Talus. I can destinctly remember the blaring warning lights, the shrieks of malfunction notifiers and the significant increase in temperature as the life support systems failed. My ship plunged to the earth as a stone plunges through water, and I felt totally helpless. After surpressing a brief moment of emotion that the only link I had to my previous family, my previous life, was about to perish in a blazing fireball, I pressed the eject button on my seat.

I pressed it too late, and shot from my cockpit in a blaze of heat from re-entry. My robes ignited and I screamed, while the safety dispensers on my seat registered proximty to land and fired the parachutes just in time. I hit the earth in a botched manner, but thankfully the dirt I kicked up extinguished the flames, although it could do nothing for the severe burns I had already suffered.

I heard people coming towards me after an hour of sitting, meditating and expelling the pain from my body. The Sith had tracked my trail of debris left by my late ship and were coming to finish me off in vengeance for thier master's death. I ran as fast as a wounded man could, and came across a strange set of ruins. A pair of vast, metallic doors opened ahead of me and I hurried through, as they shut behind me.

A blue light shone ahead. I hastened towards it, and found that it was the light shining from a small holocron buried into a stone dais rasied on a step. It shone, and a human figure that I recognised as my anscestor flickered before me.

It told me of a secret society watching in the shadows, one founded by him, and that it was my destiny to lead it, amongst others.

However, he said that I was not to be the only leader, that I was not ready. Instead, I would have to seek out another. A very specific man, one who had also been marked for leadership of this society, and one who in fact I had already met.

Luckily enough, Halber gave me a name.

Sergei Meranov.

<<Record Ends. Subject {i} fades away.>>

<<Terminating interface>>
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Secret Police: An extract from All Sides of the Force
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