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 Possessed by Evil

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PostSubject: Possessed by Evil   Possessed by Evil EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 6:05 pm

"We need to operate fast or this man is not going to make it. Get me some clamps. We need to clamp off the bloodflow to his legs and arms. Else he will bleed out!"

The doctor started his work. He tried to stabilize the patient with the best of his abilities.

"Doctor... I want to remind you that my master wants him alive! And he would prefer it if he would be able to keep all his limbs and full functionality. Also we want him to be recognizeable."

The doctor continued his work, he joined the empire simply because he wanted to do good even in the heart of darkness.

"Yes, ma'am. But i need to clamp off the limbs for now else he won't have any use for his limbs or he'll be dead. Now let me do my work, even better leave my surgery room!"

The woman replied with a couple of threats but eventually walked out of the room.

"Arrogant Sith bastards, always think they are more important then all the non-force users. Alright, he is stable now! Get him to a bacta tank... We'll need to find a way to regenerate the dead tissue of the clamped off limbs..."






Where am i... I... I can't...


[Titan heard this in the distance]

"He is waking up... Drain the tank... The biosynthetic fusion proces must begin immediately. We cannot wait longer or the patients limbs are irreviveable..."

The tank drained pretty fast, he couldn't feel his limbs... What happened to his limbs...

The rebreather was taken off... And he immediatly yelled.


He felt a slight sting in his neck and everything went black again...

Then he woke up... He was in a bed... He heard a pulsing noise in the room next to him... He stood up. There were a set of clothes on a desk next to him... He put them on... They were white, and very neutral looking. Then he looked at the room. He recognized the type of bulkheads... He was on a Sith ship... Probably a destroyer.

He looked at his shoulder... Where the wound was were small devices. They were no bother... It didn't even feel like they were there... He lifted his shirt to see his torso. It also had blue glowing devices. They were very small... Barely visible... But they were there... He discovered them all over his body.

Then two men came in and forcefully took him to another section of the ship. He was put in a small cell... It was strange... It was in the middle of a room. A red crystal hanging right above his cell...

"Welcome... Titan..."

A black robed man stepped forward out of the shadows...

"I believe we aren't aquainted? My name is Lord Grey. And you my friend are going to be my field agent."

Titan suppressed anger... He just wanted to kill the bastard. But he replied.

"No thanks, i already have a job. Although i can't seem to remember what it is. I am sure about one thing... It was being a good Sith killer. And as soon as you get my out of this cage i am going to skin you alive and send your skin to that lovely emperor of yours."

The Sith changed his friendly tone in a tone more... Evil.

"Haha! So much anger in you. And so much potential as a Sith. You'd be a powerfull asset if you would willingly join me. But... I can make you join me unwillingly you see... And trained you are yet no use to me. Untill all of your friends are dead..."

He grabbed Titan with the force and he pressed him against the bars of the cage. The sith walked forward and tied his face to the cage... Then the old man used the force to lift the crystal from it's holder.

"This crystal... Was found in the tombs of an old Sith lord which could influence the strongest minds... And even make people his slaves... "

He put it about 10 centimeter in front of Titans face. And then Titan could watch through the red of the crystal. How the sith lord raised his hand and used force lightning on him and the crystal. Turning the lightning red when it passed through the crystal.

The pain was unbareable... Titan was hit by force lightning before... But this was entirely different. This lightning didn't only hurt his body... But he felt like something was trying to crawl in his brain.

Then suddenly the lightning stopped... And the sith started laughing in a cackling sort of way... While he laughed Titan heard a voice in his head.

"You are going to kill them all... If you want it or not... Because if you don't i will give you the following pain forever!"

Pain searched through his skull even more unbareable then the lightning. Then because of the pain he lost conciousness... But even when he was unconcious he could feel it... He could still feel it... As the laughing started searing through his skull...

This went on for months every day... The pain getting worse and worse... The sadistic smile of the sith branded in his head...

He sometimes had flashbacks of a desolate planet where he felt like he had been there before. He also had visions of horrors... Horrors... Talking to him...

One day in his sleep he had a vision.

He stood in a beautifull forrest... With the sound of small creeks in the distance... The old man he saved from the criminal compound stood in front of him...

"Do not blame yourself for what will happen tomorrow... It will not be your fault. Do not descend completely into darkness like my apprentice did. The girl that "saved" Titan stood next to him."

"This is apart of your path of healing. You can't blame yourself for what is to come under lord Grey's control. Or you shall eventually fall into darkness..."

Then a cloud of myst came from the depth of the forrest. Slowly turning everything white. The old man turned around and walked into the myst.

"Wait! What is going to happen tomorrow!"

But he was gone... As was his former apprentice.

"Damn jedi and their cryptic bullcrap... Why can't they stay: "Young one, tomorrow you are going to slaughter babies!"

Then he fell back into a dreamless state of sleeping. Not knowing what is to come tomorrow.

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Scott Chain
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PostSubject: Re: Possessed by Evil   Possessed by Evil EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 7:20 pm

Wow... that was really good. Shocked

I listened to dis:
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PostSubject: Re: Possessed by Evil   Possessed by Evil EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 3:47 pm

Thanks Scott... I am going to write part 2 now:

The next day Titan was lifted out of bed. He was given a morning bath by nearly drowning him in icewater every morning. After that he was tazed with prods and beaten with clubs. Then after half an hour he was dragged to the medical bay were he was treated for the internal and external wounds. This had become routine to him, and the more he was tortured the more determined Titan became to keep his mind together. At the end of the day there would be the torture of lord Grey. However after all this time on this ship Titan noticed something. He found a weakness in Lord Grey. To influence Titans thoughts he had to concentrate on Titan alone. A week ago a guard walked in during the torture to give Lord Grey some reports. While Lord Grey tried to torture Titan. He could only torture him physical. The only thing that hurt was the lightning. Even while torturing there were sometimes moments that the bastard couldn't concentrate. Probably scheming or planning how to use me.

But today was different... After he was beaten he was brought to the pulsing chamber. The chamber was perfectly round. With black red panels covering every wall... making it a perfect circle... There were 4 capsules in the middle. The technology looked ancient... Yet familiar... He saw it in his visions... The dead planet... 2 of the capsules were occupied by a naked woman and a naked man. The man couldn't be older then 20. They looked unconcious... But Titan couldn't sense any life from them... They were in a state of death...

"Ah, admiring the contraption that i have created."

Titan immediatly interrupted.

"You mean found. I recognize it... And it is ancient."

Lord Grey looked suddenly unpleasantly supprised. Suddenly Titan had a moment of clarity... He remembered... The dead planet... The sith destroyer with those... Things... He also remembered a briefing... The ambassadors that had to be resqued. Titan saw how he was sitting in the back of a shuttle holding a datapad. Watching the pictures of the ambassadors... Lord Grey... It was him... One of the ambassadors was Lord Grey. Suddenly he heard...

"Where do you recognize it from? Tell me or i will get it out of you."

Titan decided to tell Lord Grey, else his mind would be infiltrated and set on fire. He didn't like that feeling one bit.

"Alright, i am here to rescue you... "Ambassador"."

Titan responded in a sarcastic voice.

"So a Sith infiltrant becoming an ambassador of the Republic. Then staging his captivity by the Sith empire. Taking ample uportunity to test his ancient weapon inside the destroyer. You quickly took off to get the last part of the weapon from the temporary base from the surface. But something ancient was unlocked when you removed the artifact. Forgotten by time, the victims that were strong enough to keep their sanity after the weapon."

The sith lord looked amused.

"Hahaha... Wow... How do you know it is a weapon?"

Titan responded.

"I have seen it... During... Visions in my sleep."

The sith lord seemed to be satisfied.

"Well... The reason i brought you here today is simple... A test of... Moral choice and consequence... We caught a Jedi and his apprentice when they were traveling from planet to planet. The weapon needs 4 force users to function as you can see. Now. You are going to choose what their destiny is. Bring them in!"

A human boy and a Twi'lek female were brought in. The boy looked scared... Titan couldn't blame him... Poor lad... He couldn't be older then 14. The Twi'lek female looked calm... Titan somehow got the idea she accepted her fate. They were put in a kneeling position and they were completely restrained. Also a cage was roled in with a Vornskyr in it. All force users in the room couldn't use or sense the force because of it.

Then the sith lord said with an amused voice. While laying down a knife near the door.

"Here are the rules. You can choose to kill one of them. Or they will both be sacrificed to empower the weapon. Their force spirits shall never be free and join with the force if that happens. One will suffer... One will die... Your choice."

Lord grey left the room and left Titan alone... With the knight and the padawan. Both were in force cages. There were 2 green panels... Upon touch one of the force cages would be lowered and the person in it could be killed. The other one would probably lock down.

Titan went to sit in front of the force cages and the Twi'lek said.

"Kill my Padawan..."

The padawans eyes got big and he was clearly scared shitless.
Titan didn't reply... He just nodded and raised his hand to lower the force field.

I can best do it quick... He looked at the knife in his hand. His hand was shaking... But he just... Couldn't...

"Do it... It is not your fault... It is the right choice... And it is not your action... It is not your choice..."

Titan replied...

"This... Is the first time... I just... Cannot take a life... I... I... Used to be able to kill pretty much anything... Now... I just can't..."

The jedi replied...

"The jedi do not take lives. Only out of self defense. This is not taking a life. This is something different, you are taking a life to prevent them to suffer."

Titan immediatly replied.

"But what about you! You will suffer. You will never be free you will be forever bound to this hellish weapon. And if it is fired you will be blasted out of existence... Forever."

She calmly replied with a smile on her face. She looked calm and at peace.

"Very well... I am sorry kid! I will make sure it will be fast."

He lowered the forcefield and stabbed the knife right through his spinal chord. The boy fell over and was dead before he hit the ground. As soon as this happened lord grey and two guards came in. The creature was taken away. The knife was taken from him by one of the guards who stood next to lord grey whom nodded his head to the other guard. Whom started to walk to the Jedi.

"Hahaha! Excellent... Now you can watch her suffer!"

Lord Grey walked out of the room... Titan became filled with rage. How dares the bastard condemn someone like that. Titan then rushed toward the guard with the knife. Even before he could lift his blaster to stun Titan. Titan knocked him on the ground and took his blaster and shot the other guard escorting the Jedi to the capsule. Titan walked over to the door and blasted the controls. Making sure that no-one could get in for about 10 minutes.

Then he walked over to the Jedi Knight. But collapsed the pain was worse then ever...


The voice didn't even sound human. It sounded like a rancor talking.
Then he felt a hand on his shoulder... And something soothing him... The jedi stood next to him.

"It's allright Titan, you can defy him. Even in the darkest of places you can find hope. Even though i am free. I shall not be free for long... I want you to kill me. She threw the dagger in front of him. I don't know what destiny holds for you... But i do know... That your destiny will not end in darkness. We will meet again Carlythe. I am sorry it had to end this way."

She said as she looked to her dead apprentice. She sounded sad...

"It is not your fault." Titan said. As he trusted the dagger through her heart.

"Thank you..." She said as her eyes closed.

Titan felt something... On his cheeks... It was a tear... Something he hadn't felt since he was a child. The last time was when his parents were killed.

Then he took the sith blaster. And he took cover in a small dent in the floor and aimed for the door. They were cutting through... A short moment of peace... The calm before the storm...
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PostSubject: Re: Possessed by Evil   Possessed by Evil EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 5:54 pm

Good Titan, i liked both of them.

"Struggle if you wish... your mind will be mine" - Harbinger (Arrival)

Possessed by Evil Valkus10
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PostSubject: Re: Possessed by Evil   Possessed by Evil EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 5:30 pm

The door was almost open. Almost... He lined up a good shot. The first thing that would walk into the room would feel his blaster. Then the door opened but only smoke came out of the corridor. Then the pain struck into his body again and Lord Grey spoke in a almost amused tone.

"You honestly think i would send in troops! I have a special suprise for you."

The young woman came in. And she threw a vibroblade in front of him.

"Prepare to fight, little Republic soldier."

Titan stood up, walked forward and picked up the blade in one hand while having the blaster rifle in the other.

"Now fight me my masters mindslave. Show us that you haven't lost your use during captivity."

Titan looked her straight in the eyes. Then he looked over to her hand as she ignited her lightsabre. Then he grinned.

"Are you going to kill me? Are you going to release me of my torment?"

She rushed forward with her sabre held high. Titan let her get closer... And closer... And closer... She was nearly there.

Titan smashed the rifle towards her face. She ofcourse instinctively blocked it. Cutting the blasterrifle in half. The only thing she forgot was that the part that she cut off slinged straight into her face. And she smacked against the ground she even slided about half a meter before stopping. She immediatly tried to stand up. While she did Titan said.

"I love how every Sith never sees that trick coming. And priceless every time it succeeds."

He said while he walked over to her.

"I also love how all of the apprentices are arrogant spoiled children. Thinking they are allpowerfull. Yet... They are always suprised when a non-force user beats them."

She was standing now and Titan stood in front of her. Then she used force push and knocked Titan against a wall. His head banged against the wall causing it to bleed. But he stood up and walked towards her.

"HAHAHA. Your reliance on the force to win a battle is so funny to me. Force users... Not a shred of honour in combat."

She put out her lightsabre and said to Titan in a sarcastic sounding tone.

"Weren't you the guy who broke my nose by smashing a rifle in my face?"

Titan smiled and said.

"Hey, you have the home advantage. I thought it was only fair to get a little headstart."

She ignited her lightsabre again and forcejumped towards Titan. Titan instinctively stood in a low croutching position with his blade raised towards the incoming attacker. After blocking a few of her attacks. He was stabbed in the shoulder. But he quickly took his sword in the other hand and lashed out towards her legs. Causing her to jump backwards. She stood in front of Titan in an attack stance.


Said Lord Grey as he walked inside playing with the force moving the bodies of the dead guards, the jedi knight and the padawan around. And soon after it he started to torture Titan by introding his mind and using force lightning on him. From his eyecorner he could see how he tortured his apprentice in the same way. The pain was intense, it was worse then usual. He just wanted it to stop. He crawled towards lord Grey with his hand reaching towards him. It was the only thing he could do to ask for mercy. This went on for hours. Then Lord Grey stopped.

"You have both dissapointed me. Darth Thiphieus... I expected better from you. You can't even kill this warrior properly. You are not worthy to be my apprentice. We shall have a talk after Titans first mission is over."

She sat on her knees crying like a little girl... Titan couldn't blame her. That pain... It was so intense.

"Yes master, please forgive me. Please... I... I shall not fail again... Please..."

Then he turned around towards Titan. Who was whiping the blood off his face.

"This was your test of loyalty! Why aren't you like a dog listening and obeying to my every command. I think i have shaped you long enough to obey! You felt the ultimate pain i can give you for the rest of your life the past two hours! Is this your choice? Is this what you want?"

Titan thought... He looked away... Towards a wall... Just thinking while he was gasping for air. What would be wise. Titan responded.

"I am like a dog that tasted blood... I am unreliable. True... Else you will have to turn me into an empty shell... But you don't posses that power because else you would have done so. I will do your mission to prevent the punishment you want to give me. However... I suggest you should watch your back. For when you aren't concentrating on me near you. You should expect a dagger in your back. For i know the weakness of this power of yours. I don't know for what reason you want me in specific for this mission. And i don't care yet... But expect me to kill you if you don't release me when we are done."

Lord Grey looked to Titan and started laughing.

"And why would i let a good tool like you go."

Titan grinned and laughed...

"This tool hasn't much to live for. And is willing to put everything on the line to kill you and not doing your mission if he can't regain his freedom."

They were both laughing it almost looked like either one of them told a funny joke.

"Very well, we'll have a deal. You forfill your mission and you will be set free. But screw up or fail... And you shall know a entirely new spectrum of pain. Tomorrow you'll leave... You'll receive instructions and the proper equipment once you get to Coruscant."

Titan nodded as he was picked up by 2 guards to be carried to the doctor. Then he passed out...

(continues in RP u know blowing you guys to smithereens. Very Happy)

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Possessed by Evil
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