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 SWTOR : Journey of Levlin Eclipter

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Levlin wrote:
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Journey of Levlin Eclipter
Episode one: The Fillorean Society

Chapter one: Reassignment

Levlin stood with his back against the wall as he watched the younglings train in one of the many courtyards in Tython’s Jedi Temple. It wasn’t that long ago when he was a youngling without a master training at the same place. He watched as the teacher showed them the many different lightsaber stances. A young child in the front, no more than five or six year’s old, already showed great promise, nearly executing the form flawlessly. The time was soon approaching when he was to select an apprentice. As Levlin watched another Jedi was approaching him from the inner corridor.

“Master Eclipter, it is good to see you. “ The Jedi said with a nod of his head.

“Yes Daveont, its good to see you as well. What brings you to the younglings training session this morning?” Levlin asked

Daveont smiled knowing what he was about to say would bring a smile to Levlin. “I understand the time for you to choose an apprentice is near but I come bringing a message from the Reassignment Council. It appears that they have finally decided upon a mission for you.”

Levlin was shocked. He had been waiting nearly 3 years for his first official assignment as a Jedi Knight. It seemed the council was very content with keeping him on Tython to help fortify the temple defenses. Levlin eagerly took the holopad out of Daveont’s hand and read it to himself.

Master Eclipter,
We have decided upon a mission that we feel would strengthen the relationship with the Galactic Republic. We wish to hold council with you immediately.

Levlin reread the holopad to make sure he read it correct. He felt the excitement of adventure racing through his body but did not let it betray him on the outside.

Levlin looked up at Daveont and said “Well this is good news indeed, thank you Daveont but it would appear I have an appointment with the Council. If you will excuse me.” Levlin walked past Daveont and headed back inside the Jedi Temple to the Reassignment Council Chambers.

The temple was very quiet for this time of day, most of the Jedi where either in meditation or in training rooms scattered throughout the halls. Levlin made his way to the Council Chambers. He notified the assistant behind the desk outside the chambers that the council had asked him to come immediately. With a hiss the door to the council chamber opened. Inside where 12 other Jedi seated in a circle. Levlin made his way to the middle so he could be observed by everyone within the room. He faced what he knew was the council chamber’s head master.

“Masters you have asked for me to come forth today for a reassignment.” Levlin stated as he looked the Council Master straight in the eyes.

“Yes Levlin Eclipter, It appears that after much debate regarding your destiny, this council and I have found a mission that we feel would best fit you.” The Council Master continued “We have been formed that a group known as The Fillorean Society has come into existence.”

A Council Member continued “This Society appears to have been set up to reestablish some of the principles that where held during the early reign of the Galactic Republic. What the council would like…”

“Is for you Master Eclipter” began the Council Master again “to join up with the group and be the councils’ representative. We are already aware that some former Jedi have aligned themselves with this band of rebels, however unsanctioned as that was. We wish you to be our official representative and to inform us of any actions that they may take.”

“Council Members” interrupted Levlin “Would this not be a form of spying. What is it you wish to gain by spying on a bunch of rebels who numbers could not possible effect anything in this war?”

The Council Master shook his head as Levlin spoke. “What the council wishes to know is irrelevant to you. We understand that many of the Jedi that have gone to this Society have fallen from the light. Though I don’t feel they have fallen to darkness either. They need someone to guide them back to the Council. They need someone to be an example, and we know there is none other than you who could accomplish this task.”

“If this is the councils will then I will accept my new assignment.” Levlin said

“It is.” Nodded the Council Master.

“Where am I to find The Fillorean Society?” Asked Levlin as he looked back and forth to the other council members in the room.

“It appears” spoke a Council Member “That they have set up a remote base on an asteroid. We have the coordinates in this holopad.”

“Please report any of your findings to the Council of First Knowledge.” Said a council member as they stood and handed the holopad to Levlin. “May the Force be with you Levlin.”

“And with you Masters” Levlin replied with a curt nod as he made his way back to the door. Levlin left the council chambers and headed straight to his dormitories to pack. He had no idea how long he was going to be way, so he packed the very basics. A few Jedi holocrons he had on loan from the temple archive as well as a few cloths. Well this is it the beginning of something new he thought as he looked at his room for what could be the last time.

Chapter two: Departure
…Coming soon…

Good Start! Very Happy

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SWTOR : Journey of Levlin Eclipter Valkus10
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It is very nice, Lev.
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SWTOR : Journey of Levlin Eclipter
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