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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 2:06 am

A while ago (quite a while ago) I wrote Clashes of Fate. It was the sequel to my first story of my character "A New Journey". If you read Clashes of Fate then you know that it was incomplete, as I was unsure of how to proceed at the time. It connects how Kira went from being Scott's enemy to his... well companion.

So this is going to be a... log (kind or not really). After being captured during the Battle of Balmorra Scott and Kira were taken to Dromund Kaas. This is set towards the end of the Cold War.

Note: I ask that you keep a mature mind about this (if you choose to read it), because it could contain more or less adult situations/content.

Thank you and enjoy! I don't think this will be too terribly long.

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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 3:08 am

<<Data Restored>>
<<<Input link from: Kira Journal in regards to one Helena>>>
<<<Date: Sometime during the Great Galactic War>>>
<<Resuming Log>>

Incarceration: Dromund Kaas Max Security Detention Center
Day 53

It had been over a month since she was brought back to Dromund Kaas. Why? Who knew. Sith treachery went deeper than her understanding sometimes. She had done as she was told. She had lewered him into the trap... and Lord Karsh had collected his prize. It had to do with her kin. He was like her. And both were strong in the Force.

She could feel that man... somewhere else in the belly of the Sith's prison. She could feel his consciousness drop from his presence again and again. But he was still there... alive.

Kira Lok sat there in the dark damp cell of hers. There was no one else in the wing of the wing of the detention center. Just security cams and the occasional guard. At first they had just let her sit in her cell, unscathed. But after a month the interrogation had begun.

They questioned her about things she did not know. They treated her as if she had never had prestige among the Empire. All her years of service as a Sith Nightblade and before that an apprentice, erased. No one knew. No one cared. All her effort spent on collecting Scott Chain. Now they had him.

Most of the time it would feel less of interrogation, and more of blood sport for her guards. The closest thing to a companion that she had had was the medical droid to treat her torture wounds. But it's cold solid receptors did not hold answers for her. In fact it wouldn't even hold a conversation beyond
"Can you feel this?" and "Vitals are at standard capacity."

About the one thing she was great-full for was the fact that the detention center had reasonable ventilation and a sterile environment. The only way she could tell time was when the lights far above her cell would shut off for the night. Though, she wasn't certain that was accurate. At times it felt like the lights were on for days. Thankfully the Sith didn't feel the need for high output of energy, and the lights were always a dim orangish-red.

Her cell consisted of an obsidian stone bed, a 'fresher, a sink, and the vague glow of her cell's force-feild. Shock inhibitors were installed into the detention center. This meant if she tried to exert too much Force energies she would be shocked, essentially. This made blasters as effective on force-users as any being in the galaxy.

I'm going to die here... why didn't I listen to Master Velmoras...

Velmoras, her supposedly late master, had told her of Sith betrayal. She had even urged her to give up her hunt for Scott Chain. After that the only thing that drove her was to find out what he knew about their race. Now it didn't matter. There was no where to turn to. She had no friends. Sith didn't have friends. They had themselves... and the few the pretended to let in.

And she was a ghost before she was even in that cell. Now she didn't exist all togeather.

Kira sat there with her knees tucked up underneath her chin. Her bare feet against the cool stone. That was when she heard the lift at the far end of the chamber. Then there were footsteps. It must be time for interrogation. She winced in dismay.

The footsteps neared. But... it wasn't just the guards. They were dragging something... someone. It was him! Scott Chain's unconscious body was half dragged into the cell across from her. She wasn't sure why, but she was genuinely excited to see him. And it made no sense to her at all. Why would she feel comfort about a man that she had tried to capture and/or kill for the past galactic decade?

"Got a friend for ya missy... apparently someone high up thinks it's a good idea to put two killers this close to each other. But it aint my job to ask questions." The guard chuckled and walked off with his partner.

It didn't matter. The reassurance felt good. His presence wafted across her senses. It was familiar... like hers. She knew they had a bond. She had felt it for the last decade. But now perhaps she would get some answers. And better yet... perhaps she wasn't going to die in that hell hole.
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Vigo Surai
Vigo Surai

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 2:28 pm

/me golf claps

Moar, sir. Very Happy
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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 2:55 pm

Incarceration: Dromund Kaas Max Security Detention Center
Day 65

He still had not said a word to her. Then again... she had done nothing to affiliate communication either. The difference was that she would watch him lie there when he was in his cell. The only movement he offered to make was for meditation and what exercises he could do in his cell. He didn't even look at her.

She couldn't tell if he was mad or contemplating his situation like she was. More often than her he would be taken away, and come back a day later... beaten to an inch of his life. But they wouldn't kill him. No they wanted something from him.

On this particular day he had returned just after the glow panels above were lit, if only to simulate a day. He laid there staring at the ceiling. As her thoughts washed over him she took a moment to steady her mind. Was she actually feeling sorrow for this man? Of all people to be stuck with, it had to be him. The truth was tho... she didn't know how she felt.

She had chased him to the ends of the galaxy and back, and for what? To be locked up with him in the Sith Empire's cesspit? She had thought it through before. He would eventually be captured, brought to the Emperor, and broken to his bidding. It was all as she had predicted, except her own incarceration.

Fury welded up within her. She was not going to die in that hell hole. She was going to break out and kill Lord Karsh for his betrayal. Unaware of her emotions, she began to draw on force energies subconsciously. Her features began to change. It was when her force-markings began to appear that she realized it. And by then it was too late.

From a dark corner in the detention center wing a brilliant bolt of electricity struck. White searing pain jolted through her body. 5 seconds later the pain ceased and she was left with no strength. Kira collapsed on the stone bench that made up her bed. She could smell semi-cooked flesh on her right shoulder.


Kira screamed in frustration. Now her entire right side was throbbing, and it was taken every ounce left of effort to not call on the force.

"I never pictured you a curser... less of one that speaks in that tongue"

The voice came from the cell across from her's. Scott Chain's cell. She wasn't sure what she felt more of; embarrassment for the outburst, embarrassment for losing her train of thought and getting shocked, or shock because he was speaking to her.

"I suppose Jedi don't curse? Or is that simply against your code?"

"I'm fairly certain you've found by now that I'm not Jedi."

Kira scoffed. There was a long silence following. Well while he was talking, perhaps she could get some answers out of him.

"They take you away for a day at a time sometimes. What questions do they ask you?"

"You know the answer to that. Your presence is like eyes on my back all the time."

He laid there staring at the barred ceiling of his cell.

"I'm not a psychic. But given our... situation... I felt I would inquire."

"Our situation... yeah... isn't that a pile of bantha fodder."

Scott actually looked relaxed. Had she not observed and hunted him for the past decade or two she would have thought the person she saw on the battlefield was another person entirely. The blood raged Scott. The man who had actually put fear into her. This man wasn't him. Perhaps it was their incarceration.

"You don't have to wear a mask here Scott Chain. I have no more reason to chase you."


"I saw that look on Balmorra as you ripped the spine from that adept. It was one of pleasure. You enjoyed it."

Another lasting silence incurred.

"It's not what you think it is... and I assume you'd know that."

"Ah... the blood lust... the rage that wraps us up in battle. I still have never gotten pleasure from slitting another being's throat as you have, and I'm Sith."

The truth was that Kira had never liked war. In fact she despised it. It was dirty, unorganized, and didn't favor anyone. She was one of the few besides her master that actually believed in the Empire for a peaceful resolve.

"Perhaps it just works differently because I'm male..."

"Kesh til'ek..."

<<Translated to galactic basic.>>

"Yeah right..."

"So you do speak our language..."

Kira was wide eyed now. The pain from her right shoulder disappeared with her shock. It felt as if her thoughts were no longer safe.

"Where did you learn to speak that tongue?"

"I've always been able to. I learned it on our homeworld?"

Confusion crept into his expression as he leaned up to look at her. His face was scarred but handsome none the less. His long dark hair was a mess, and his deep blue eyes stared at hers.

"You know where we come from?"

Kira lost her guard with the knowledge she was certain he now possessed.

"I know of it..."

Scott laid back down.

"I... I don't have any memory of it... my first memories were of the Sith."

Why was she telling this to him? She instantly closed up.

"Why you're here is beyond me Kira."

<<End Translation>>

It was weird hearing him say her name. Before she could ask another question the lift at the far end of the wing could be heard. Soon the footsteps could be heard nearing them. The prison must have been of gargantuan size, as they were the only two in that entire wing.

In fact it felt insulting. The Sith would have put them in isolation units if they didn't want something out of them in such a close proximity. She knew the holocams were only good up to a range for recording sound, but perhaps their cells were bugged.

"Well... it seems that someone needs to learn a lesson."

Two guards, one a bulbous human, and one a husky gran stood between the two cells. The inhibitors must have alerted them. Her heart sank.

"Yes... just making sure the system works properly. I would hate for the Sith to be wasting their money on useless security protocol. Makes them a far less worthy adversaries."

"Smart mouthed di'kut this one."

The man was obviously Mandalorian. Which did not surprise her that the Sith Empire would hire such for detention detail. They were brutally effective at such. She was simply shocked that Scott had spoken up. What was he getting at? Trying to make her punishment worse?!

"Smart mouthed... yes... Mandalorian fodder... no."

"You're lucky you weren't the one that tested the system son."

The guard turned to Kira and began to swipe his ID card to gain entrance to the cell. The gran leveled his blaster on Kira.

"Hey Mr. Mandalorian... you like mando'ade? Mando'ade, you see, is made from the blood of freshly squeezed Mandalorians."

The guard paused and turned around chuckling.

"Watch your mouth son... or I'll give you her treatment."

"Do you know how many Mandalorians I've squeezed? Enough to fill an ocean... and swim in it."

The Mandalorian wasn't entertained any longer.

"Brieton... forget her... I think this one tripped the sensors."

Rushing into the cell they beat Scott down and towed him away. Kira was left in bewilderment.

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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 3:00 pm

Vigo Surai wrote:
/me golf claps

Moar, sir. Very Happy

Why thank ye..
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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyTue Sep 13, 2011 3:27 am

Incarceration: Dromund Kaas Max Security Detention Center
Day 97

Kira walked into the exercise yard shuffling her feet against their restraints. It was less a yard and more of a giant dome with guards on catwalks high above. The dome shape made it impossible to clime the wall. She got to use the exercise yard two times a week. Why the Sith didn't simply kill her had become more of a curiosity than a fear.

Luckily Scott's recess period overlapped hers that day. He sat on a bench on the far side of the compound reading what looked like a data pad. Kira was thoroughly surprised he was allowed such luxuries. Perhaps the Dark Council was trying a new approach to garner his secrets.

If this had been day one in the iron pin she would have kept her distance, or maybe even killed him, just to get back at Lord Karsh. But, she couldn't fathom those thoughts anymore. She felt more comfortable talking to him than the other scum walking about the yard.

She noted an unintentional grin of relief on her face that she quickly replaced with a frown as she trudged through the yard. As usual there were stares. There weren't many female inmates at this particular facility. Generally Sith outright killed those that disobeyed law... tho sometimes it was a far worse punishment to lose your freedom.

Kira was halfway across the yard when a force rub reached her. It was Scott... drawing her attention to her immediate right. A Weequay a couple feet taller than herself approached.

"Where is a little kath hound like you running off too in such a big yard?"

She looked over at Scott who continued to study the datapad, ignoring her situation. And that's where republic prisons differed from Imperial prisons. The guards weren't there to protect you... they weren't there to keep you in... no there were security systems for that. They were there to punish you. When you were out in the yard... it was kill or be killed. Not many had the luxury of being ignored, and often they had to cause an even that would leave them feared in the first place.

Rape also wasn't uncommon in the yard. Kira smiled sweetly to the Weequay.

"Find some other tail hutt spawn..."

She turned to walk away when the man had the nerve to reach for her ass.

"Maybe those receptors you have don't-"

He was cut off as she spun on him. Twisting his arm into a position it's joints weren't built for. Then followed the disfigurement with a palm to the face, breaking the man's nose. Purple blood began to gush out the beings leathery nose.


She grabbed him by his thick wiry hair and pulled his ear close to her mouth.

"I think your... receptors aren't working... I'd get them fixed unless you want to beg the guards for prosthetic limbs."

She gritted her teeth and threw the weequay back onto the ground, and continued strutting towards Scott. She could hear man struggling to get away.

"Sexy... no wonder you've never had a boyfriend. At least you were polite."

Scott sat there not looking up from the data pad.

"Thanks for the forewarning."

She sat down on the bench facing the opposite direction.

"How's your arm today?"

Scott sat leaned back against the table, shirtless, with the grey inmate jumpsuit stripped to his waistline, and a sling around his neck and left arm. Kira had done the similar fashion, except her chest was wrapped.

The Mandalorian guard that had punished Scott a month ago had gone to the moon on him. When he was through Scott had a fractured rib, a broken arm, and a slight concussion. Luckily his specie's bone was far more dense and flexible than that of a human. Scott laughed at the effort the guard had to put into just bruising him.

"It's felt worse..."

He seemed to ignore her question and concentrated on what he was reading. When she leaned over to see what he was reading he shut the datapad off. The only glimpse she caught was of some emblem in the bottom corner. It looked familiar, thought she couldn't put her mind on it. Two sets of wings, inner and outer, a spike jutting from the bottom, and a spiraling sphere in the middle. Whatever it was it was a touchy subject, but she wasn't going to ask.


It was rather awkward sitting next to her old nemesis in non-nonchalant banter. Was this what normal women did? She returned her attention to the yard and sat on the bench facing him. She wasn't sure how to ask the question on her mind... perhaps simply blurting it out was the best way.

<<Translated to galactic basic.>>

"So... I've been meaning to ask. Why did you save me... back on Balmorra?"

Scott studied the yard and the inmates in it for a few moments before answering.

"I don't know..." He turned and smiled to her. "Perhaps because I liked the thought of another out there."

"Well you know there are... you said you remember our homeworld."

"Maybe it was because I didn't want to feel the pain of braking a bond."

It was a sudden statement.

"Ah... yes... we should probably discuss... that. I assumed you knew."

"Aye..." Scott continued to study the yard again. "I thought at first it was some sort of Sith technique to mark a target. Then I researched up on Force-bonds. Some seriously deep fodder in that."

"So you know what it is?"

Kira had honestly never looked into it. Her instincts were to think of it as a bond from the start.


"What are... what are the side effects you found?"

"Mostly emotional and physical attachment. I know Jedi have used it in the past to their advantage in combat... among other things."

The "among other things" rattled her a hair.

"That would be why I feel like gut rot when you get... interrogated."

"Aye... it shouldn't be the full on pain the other bond-member feels tho. Then again I read one journal on disconnection of a limb. It didn't have pretty things to say."

She appreciated the fact that he tiptoed around by calling them "bond-members".

"So then... why did you take my punishment a month ago?"

This was a little closer to home question. She would not have been punished as severely as he was. In fact it probably would have been lighter than most of her... interrogation sessions.

"Maybe I hate the 'gut rot' more than the actual beating."

<<End Translation>>

He smiled, but she knew it was a ploy to get her to see him as selfish. And then it hit her. She continued to be guarded because she thought of him as her pray still. When in fact... they were in the same ship together. They were allies in the same cause... so to speak. And finally... she could accept it. She could accept him as being more than an enemy. Was this what one called a 'friend'?

The thought was broken up by the approach of several larger beings. A Hutt, a Wookiee, a Besalisk, two Rodians, a couple humans, some other species that Kira didn't immediately recognize, and her newest playmate, the Weequay. The Hutt slithering, approached first. Flanked by the Weequay and Besalisk.

"Excuse me humans."

The Hutt spoke in a polite tone, never mind he didn't realize they were not human. One couldn't tell by appearance alone, and that suited Kira just fine. Scott continued to lean back against the table, while Kira leaned forward propping her head on an arm.

"What do you gentlemen want?"

Kira returned the polite tone.

"To the point... that will do nicely. I couldn't help but notice your... self defensive manners on one of my men."

"Your men? Are you some sort of gang?"

"In a crude sense I suppose you could say that. I am Tomak the Hutt, I use to run the shipping division on Ryloth many years before I was... detained for selling fraudulent goods to the Sith. But enough of that. I'm just here to offer an apology for Jardon's rudeness."

That's when she could sense the malice in the force. The hutt snapped it's meaty fingers and the Weequay stepped forward, trembling.

"I apologies miss..."

He squeaked resentfully. The hut snapped his fingers again and the Besalisk stepped behind the Weequay and latched onto the man with two of his massive arms. The Weequay seemed to come to a sudden realization.

"Tomak what are you-!"

The sentence was cut off by the other two Besalisk's arms groping his neck. A sick pop escaped from the Weequays neck and Jardon was no more. The Besalisk let the body fall to the ground and dusted off all four of it's hands as if the Weequay had been dirty.

"I do hope you will accept this apology. I hate the dirty things that must be done in this job, but there you have it. Now down to business. How long are you folks in for?"

Kira studied the Hutt carefully. He (as defined by the Hutt's personality) was more clever than the average hutt. Never mind that he was a caught hutt... but he was a Hutt that had talked himself out of a death sentence with the Sith.

"We're in here indefinitely... as far as we know."

"Oh really? I must say that is a rather sobering situation to be caught in. Perhaps you would be interested in something to occupy your time?"

Kira glanced at Scott... he was deep in thought about something.

"Your companion is rather quiet... tho he doesn't seem to be the type to wear 'restraints'."

That's when Scott spoke up.

"I think we could make a good deal here, Tomak."

"Oh my... this is good news... depending on the deal of course. But I usually love 'deals'."

Scott turned to Kira.

"Why don't you go for a run... I'll join you shortly."

Kira's temper began to flare at the flat out command. But it was followed by a reassuring force-rub from Scott. To her surprise she found herself trusting the response from him, and got up and began to walk towards the track.

Looking back over her shoulders she could see Scott handing the Hutt something. The datapad that he had been reading earlier. As she began her laps she focused back on the emblem that she had seen. Nothing was coming to mind. She eased her thoughts and reassured herself to trust a man she had spent more than a decade hunting.
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Sergei Meranov
Sergei Meranov

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyWed Sep 14, 2011 12:54 am

Keep it coming, Scott

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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyWed Sep 14, 2011 1:33 am

Incarceration: Dromund Kaas Max Security Detention Center
Day 249

Light spun before him. The black fringes of consciousness fading in and out. They days became weeks, and the weeks became months. His only solitude lie in a girl that sat in a similar cage across from him. A girl that he had known for nearly half his life. A girl that had chased him to the ends of the Galaxy and back, and for reasons she couldn't fathom. At one point for hatred, another for curiosity, another for answers. The list did not end.

Yet now her smile was his only comfort. Her stories. Her voice. It was the only thing keeping him sane as the guards drug him back from the torture chamber. The dim lights that lit the prison barely revealed features of the chamber. Tho he was surprised that the Sith had put them in adjacent cells. It was almost too good to be true. He knew their conversations were recorded. They were probably hoping for a comfort zone... where they could strike.

But it didn't matter. She spoke in a tongue that had not caressed his ears since he was a small child. The memories it brought washed over the feverish nightmares. It was a calming water in his searing white pain. The room began to come more into focus.

<<Translated to galactic basic.>>

"Easy..." The voice came from the darkness, flowing through his memories of a lost world. The voice that spoke his long lost language washed over him, and he smiled.

"You've been out for a couple days this time."

He laid there in an awkward position head tilted off the end of the end of the cell's single cot. The figure across the way began to focus as he righted himself. Her knees were tucked under her chin as she stared at him from the corner of the bunk. It was clear she was excited to see him conscious.

But... something persisted... something that connected them... that allowed them to share thoughts... feelings... almost the physical pain during interrogations. Her face was full of sorrow and sadness. He frowned at her. Just months ago (at least he thought it was only months) they had been on opposing sides. The time in incarceration had changed that. They now faced the same darkness.

"Don't do that..." Scott spoke groggily.

"Do what?" Kira spoke quietly in their native tongue.

"That face... it doesn't fit you. It mars that gand hound face of yours." As he spoke her face turned to anger. Then her upper cheeks turned red. She knew what he meant... through the force.

"You're one to speak... you look like a rancor pulled a pit turn on your face." She said sheepishly with forced anger. She had a split lip, so she didn't relish speaking in long sentences. Instead she relied on the force to convey her thoughts. It had taken her months to let her her body and mind into it. It had scared her at how easily it was to fall into his presence... and into his mind. It was... intoxicating.

Scott gave a cocky grin and sat up facing her. She uncurled her legs, as she did so her side and back spasmed. Writhing she fell into the bed. The last... interrogation had not been pleasant, not that any of them were. Her mind was filled with searing hot pain. Almost as quickly as it had begun the pain began to fade away. Not completely, but enough to bare. In the cell across from her Scott gritted his teeth and hissed slightly.

He was feeding on her pain... swallowing it whole for her. The pain must have receded as Scott's appearance slowly returned to normal. She started to get up. Through their bond they had figured out how to subtly manipulate the force without activating the shock inhibitors.

"Lay back down... Imma do somethin... please don't go right wing spaced on me this time." Scott let out a sigh.

"Why do you do that?"


"The pain... it's almost as if you relish it."

"I do... it flues my... my mind... I've learned how to accept it."

"That sounds like a Sith trait." Kira laid stomach down on the stone bed.

"I think some would argue my methods are more... Sith oriented than those taught in the Order." Scott sat with his eyes closed. Kira went wide eyed the minute the pressure touched her back. Not in pain... but in soothing surprise. No one ever touched her in that manner... ever. She wanted to fight the unknown comfort. "Don't move..."

Scott's words were not angry or forcefull... just cautious. The soothing pressure began to work up and down her back... up her neck.... back down too her sides. She let out a soft coo.

"Why did you leave the Jedi Order?" It was a question that she had almost been afraid to ask. A long few moments passed as the ripples gracefully lapped at her back and side.

"The Order and I have... different views... I was never meant for the Order. Where they saw revenge I saw glory and honor. Where they saw impatience I saw an eagerness. Where they saw combat... I saw freedom. We don't come from a bunch of peace loving Alderanians Kira. Our people were warriors... are warriors."

"I think I got that part. What's your take on the whole Force thing then? Are we here to serve it... or is it just a tool that you can use?"

"I think the force is what it is... and is much older and wiser than either side thinks. The Jedi serve the Force and revere it as a god. The Sith treat it as an animal. Perhaps the force just wants to be like us. Make it's own decisions."

"So you don't believe in Light and Dark?"

"I see emotions... I have never felt "the dark" coming from one Sith. I have never felt "the light" from one particular Jedi. The values others hold and how they follow those values are what make them who they are. And if there were a light and dark side to the force... there isn't a defining line like the Jedi and Sith make it out to be."

"What do you see in me?" At this point she was convinced she was actually flirting with him. Something she'd fallen into rather easily. And for once... it didn't feel wrong. The Sith had always taught her to guard against attachment and hope. That they were illogical and would only handicap you. But when she looked at Scott... she only saw power.

"I see... a very stuck up woman that tried to clip my wings more times than I care to remember." She laughed at the jibe.


"... something I like." The pressure slowly reached her lower back. Now... Sith prison garbs were little less than modest, especially on a warm moist world. Now that was not a feeling she was use to. She pushed the pressure away and tilted her head up to look at Scott.

There was a sudden hunger when looking at him. He looked lost rather than pleased with himself... as if he didn't realize what he'd done wrong.

"I never picked you for a perv... Scott Chain." He merely cocked his head to the side.

"You need to relax..." Scott leaned back and closed his eyes... "Tho I'm sorry, but I can't help that you have a fine genetic make-up."

"Are you hitting on me Scott?" Kira spoke predatorial with a hint of shock in her voice. She didn't understand the feeling, or why she was having such a response.

"Are you denying it?" Scott retorted. She reached over in the force and... grabbed him. He let out a surprise yelp. and leaned over to look at her. She was giggling to herself. Scott joined in her laughter into the night.

<<End Translation>>
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Excellent sah.

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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Re: Incarceration   Incarceration EmptyThu Sep 15, 2011 1:32 am

Incarceration: Dromund Kaas Max Security Detention Center
Day 288

Kira watched across from the yard as Scott took up his usual meeting spot with Tomak the Hutt. Not once had she ever taken part in the meetings. Of course she didn't see many of them in the first place due to her separate schedule with her visits to the yard.

Today the mood was different. Tomak looked more afraid than anything. And Scott's markings were starting to show. Tomak had screwed up somehow, that much she could tell. That's when she felt his presence. Lord Karsh was suddenly strolling across the yard with a detachment of soldiers and a rather peculiar looking woman, who's presence almost matched that of Lord Karsh's.

Thanks to her training she did not panic. She had not seen Lord Karsh since before their imprisonment. Slowing to a fast walk she veered off the track and towards Scott. That's when she got his nudge in the Force to stay back, and blend in with the crowd that was starting to form. Most of the beings in the yard had stopped their routines to watch the surprising appearance of a Dark Lord.

Lord Karsh was shouting but she couldn't make it out. Tomak acted surprisingly calm going into the ordeal. He murmured something but was cut off by the snap hiss of a saber igniting right into his tail. It was the lady Sith Lord. She then rose her arm and clenched a fist at Tomak's neck, who began to rasp for air.

The slug was then heaved off the ground by the force and hovered in the air a moment before being accelerated at the ground. The woman shouted, but Kira couldn't make it out through the crowd's rambling. The now estranged Tomak was muttering something under the heal of the woman's boot.

"Enough of your lies!"

That she could hear clearly. By now Scott was on his knees and hands behind his head, two troopers guarding him. His muscles were tense, as if waiting for a battle to commence. It gave him a well muscled appearance, almost more muscled that Tomak's Wookiee bodygaurd. The bodygaurd in question was no where to be seen. Lord Karsh stood there discussing something with the lady Sith Lord.

An evil grin condensed on her flawless face. A few more words to the downed hutt and an arm reached toward his head. The motion was so sharp and clean Kira could hardly tell what had happened. It wasn't until she saw the gangly, bloody orb she held in her hand. Tomak writhed and screamed.

Turning back to Lord Karsh the woman dropped Tomak's eye to the ground casually. Now it was Lord Karsh who was speaking. By now Kira had maneuvered through the crowd and was listening towards the front, keeping herself hidden in the force.

"Scott Chain... we have tried to be forthcoming with our expectations. But the Emperor is starting to loose patience."

Forthcoming... what does that mean... and why is the Emperor involved...

"Well the Emperor is going to be waiting a damn long time then... isn't he?"

Scott's accent was different from most galactic basic... but she hadn't heard incorrectly and neither had Lord Karsh. He was actually taunting the Sith Lord. What did he hope to gain by it?

"That's what he thought you'd say... which is why he is paying you a personal visit."

"Me? What an honor... but please... tell him I know he's busy... I'll come visit him. I hear he wants to know all sorts of things about me."

Lord Karsh wasn't rising to the bait, as a respected Sith Lord on the council would. Instead he knelt down next to Scott and began whispering something into Scott's ear. While his outward expression and attitude did not change, his Force presence shook her. It must have been purely throw their bond... as the two Sith Lords did not seem to respond to it.

"Now... what would you do then?"

Scott grinned.

<<Translated to galactic basic.>>

"Kira... stay where you are... this is probably going to get a little grim... so please just stay where you are. I have something I need to tell you... but this is not the time or place."

<End Translation>>

The words were spoken as if directed towards Lord Karsh. They were probably thinking he was cursing them. That's when she realized what he was doing. He was drawing their attention away from her. The woman Sith Lord stepped forward in front of Lord Karsh.

"It's rude to talk in another language in front of people that don't speak it dear."

"Tesra... don't-"

Kira recognized the name Lady Tesra of the Dark Council. Lord Karsh's warning went unheeded as her hands flew before her. Lightning crackled and danced forth from her finger tips, consuming Scott. At first he gritted his teeth, but it quickly faded back to a smile. His appearance was beginning to change.

Tesra's expression turned to slight confusion before unleashing a Force-Storm onto Scott. He gritted his teeth once again... this time turning into a predatorial smile. The torment of brilliant flashes caused many of the inmates to shield their eyes to the display of raw power.

After several seconds Tesra's expression changed from fury to dumbfounded. A moment later she lowered her hands and the electrical wrath dissipated. Lord Karsh was the first to speak up.

"If you had waited a moment I would have revealed that he is immune to Force-Lightening."

Lord Karsh sneered and Tesra's expression returned to that of a sweet and charming demeanor. Smoke was rising off of Scott's body and his brow dripped with sweat. His features slowly faded back to that of a human appearance. The crowd in daze and began trying to contemplate what they had just witnessed.

"I see why the Emperor holds such... interest in this delicious young man. However..."

Tesra placed a hand gently on Scott's chest and let her fingers dance across his bare torso as she walked around him. The gesture didn't sit right with Kira... and not because it was ominous. It was jealousy. Why she was jealous was something she'd rather not put too much thought into, as she loathed the answer.

"... there are other ways to divulge your attention... and break that strong back of yours."

The snap hiss of a saber filled the now silent yard. A red beam closed on Scott's neck... dangerously close. Yet he did not waiver. Tho his expression did not waiver. Tesra pulled her saber back in an arc in an execution stance. As the saber dropped Kira cracked.

"You karking shutta!"

Kira raced out in blind fury.


She couldn't even process the command. The first trooper received the brunt of her attack. Her fist, aided with a Force-blast cratered the soldier's helmet and skull. All the while she kept her focus on Tesra. Just before she reached the Sith Lord a force-wave smashed into her and sent her flying face first into the steel ground.

The impact rattled her brain against her skull, knocking her unconscious for a moment. When she came too there was a sharp pain at the back of her head, and not from the impact to her own skull. Tesra had a full grip of her hair, yanking her head up.

"That was rather rude miss. I think you need to apologize for the soldiers you just cost me. Though... I should thank you for proving my point."

Point... what does that mean...

Scott's expression was one of rage. She couldn't tell if it was because of her outburst or because of Tesra. It didn't matter. She would be lucky to stay conscious for another few minutes. Her stomach felt like vomiting.

"I'll concede to you on this matter Lady Tesra."

Lord Karsh nodded and turned to leave.

"Put her back in her cell. The Emperor should be arriving shortly. Take Scott Chain to the "observatory". Strip the exercise yard from both of their schedules. They've had enough free time."
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"Night is always darkest just before the dawn..."
~ Supreme Chancellor Fillorean

Incarceration: Dromund Kaas Max Security Detention Center
Day 342

A light drifted far above. It illuminated the only visible presence in the room, a man. A man shackled to the ground. As she drew closer it became apparent that the man's build was identical to Scott's. He even had his face. But his presence... something wasn't right. Just before Kira reached the edge of the light another figure appeared from the darkness to stand at the fringe of the light.

It was faceless beneath and over-dawned hood. It's presence weighed down on her like a crushing star. Fear filled every nerve in her body. But Scott... Scott seemed to be unaffected... as he stared defiantly up at the being in the cloak. As she moved closer around the circle of lit floor, both beings ignored her. It was as if she wasn't even there.

<<Translated to galactic basic>>

"Scott... Chain..."

The words were not uttered by lips... but as if on a gentle breeze in the force. Scott did not respond. He appeared... emotionless, if only slightly annoyed.

"A fleeting resonance in the force tells me of your existence in this galaxy... and like a good familiar... it tells me of your kin... and of the one that guides you... yes... Masssster Quelos..."

The statement trailed off into a whisper.

"Then you should know... that resonance is only the first drop of rain in the coming storm that I will bring."

"Bold words... for a such an easily kept being... no Scott Chain... I do not doubt the coming storm... in fact... I relish it..."

"I would think that relishing death would be a comfort to one such as ancient as you."

The figure howled with an echo that seem to come from no particular direction.

"Perhaps it is you that should be seeking more foresight into what is to come... perhaps you have misunderstood Quelos... Guardian of the Force..."

The echo turned into a biologic voice and the being stepped into the light with a half revealed face... Scott's face. But something was different... there was a deep darkness there that she had never seen before. This was a stranger that wore his face. It had to be.


"Perhaps you have thrown to much trust into your... Masters."

This time the face morphed into that of Master Rowand, Scott's late Master of the Jedi Order.

"I will not indulge you..."

"No? Then who will you indulge?"

The voice and face turned once again to that of another being. One that Kira did not recognize.

"Jarl... what are you..."

Scott's expression grew dark and furious. His appearance began to change.

"If not me... who will you answer too? What about your mother Scott... why didn't you protect me."

A woman with features similar to her's appeared.

"Take off your masks dark one... you resh'ek coward!"

Scott's rage was continuing to grow the ground around him shook.

"Coward? Look who uses others to escape from their destiny!"

The chamber became eerily still. Her breath caught for a moment. At last she had stepped into the light... beside Scott. The face that was illuminated under the hood was unmistakable. It was her's. Scott's expression had become blank with fear.

"Perhaps you need intensive... perhaps... she will give you the strength to make your... decision... Guardian of the Force."

Scott lowered his face and it soon became shadowed, and Kira's doppelganger crackled with laughter.

"Faceless one..."

The laughter receded quickly and the Kira clone knelt down near Scott to better hear him.

"I may be in denial about my fate... but..."

When Scott looked up there was something ominous in his eyes. Darker than the cloaked being before her. Something that could tear whole worlds apart... lying deep in his wake.

"If you take her from me... I will rip a vortex in your Empire so great it will swallow this galaxy whole. The very ground you hold your flag to will be vaporized in a wrath the likes of which the Force has never seen. And once you have watched all that you accomplished and hold dear in your long life sucked into a black hole... I will leave you to your immortality... in the deepest.. darkest... depth of the great void that spans this universe."

The being before Scott slowly stood, speechless. Kira did not understand what was going on. This wasn't reality.

"That is why... you will make your choice... Guardian of the Force..."

<<End Translation>>

Again, the whispers returned, and the faceless being towered over Scott. His arm extended and placed a palm on Scott's forehead. The ground began to shake as if the world were falling apart. Brilliant flashes of light began to dance around Scott. Unlike the bolts of lightening from Lady Tesra's fingertips. This caused Scott great pain. Pain she could feel through there bond.

The rim around her sight range became blurry, and soon she fell into unconsciousness. Or so she thought...


A bead of sweat ran down her forehead as she awoke in a haste. A foreshadowing feeling rumbled deep in her gut.

It was just a dream... no... I've seen this before... a vision...

The feeling in her gut tightened. A disturbance on the horizon, ready to cascade down upon her. She looked across the corridor to Scott's cell. There he lay... fast asleep. They were coming.... much earlier than they should have been. The disturbance on the horizon had something to do with it.

"Get up!" A guard wailed and opened the gate. Three guards rushed in and grabbed Scott by the hair and arms. Kira was fully alarmed, it was completely out of the norm.

"Hey..." Her voice was weak as her body. "Hey! Where are you taking him!?"

The guards merely ignored her and walked away with their prisoner.

"Bring him back here!" Kira began to bang on the steal bars to her cage. They were made from a special material that nulled force powers. "Get your karking hands off him! Vesh'ta tal amu ra ek! AAAAARRRR!"

She fell back onto her cot... sobing. It wasn't right. He was in danger. They weren't going to bring him back.

What do I do... what do I do...

Soon the guards were back, and this time with stun batons. She kicked and screamed at them with all her might as they beat her into stun cuffs and dragged her from her cell. She writhed in their grasp, spitting in their face. She was about to start cursing again when the pain came. They had never been removed from the detention center at the same time.

Her mind went white. She could almost here Scott's roars of agony in her head. No... she was sure she could. When her focus returned it was to the site of a baton screaming for her face. Her head bounced off the baton, down to the floor, off the floor until her body finally came to a rest. Her nose began to bleed profusely.

When her vision corrected itself to the harsh light once more, a black clothed figure stood before her. Lord Karsh...

"Did he tell you they were coming!" He spat aloud. "Answer me fast child... for I am not feeling merciful today!"

"I.. I..." She tried to speak but the blood continued to gush. A hand sailed across her face and she went flying across the room.

"I repeat... do not waste my time! What have you been telling that man!" Kira tried to right herself once more and state that she didnt' know what they were talking about, but was kicked in her mid section, sending her flying ever further across the floor. She rolled on her side... and began to cough up blood.

"As much as I like to see you thrash her, we aren't going to get an answer if you don't give the girl some time to answer Lord Karsh." Another voice from the shadows spoke.

"He's right... restrain yourself for a minute. I'm sure she'll answer, I never pegged her as stupid... just ignorant." A feminine voice cackled from another shadowed corner, probably Lady Tesra. The only light shown down from the bright light above, and only in the center of the room where she lay. Much like the vision she had had not too long ago.

This is it... I'm going to die here...

A forceful hand grabbed her by the chin.

"Tell me then... child... what is Scott Chain up to... and who has he brought here?" Lord Karsh spoke with cynical charm. With the knowledge of her impending doom her mind panicked. She almost began to spew what little she really did know about Scott.

But then... her mind flashed to all those moments... sitting on a cot... and just staring at his chest... rising and falling with deep breaths of air. All she wanted to do was lay her head on his chest... and listen to him breath... listen to him live. She longed for the physical touch of a man she had known half her life now, was it so wrong? No... it was the one thing she had to breath for. If not for him... she might as well be dead. She opened her mouth to Lord Karsh... and spewed her blood in his face.

The blackness of unconsciousness couldn't come swift enough. He reached out into the force and snapped her wrist and elbow. She let out a yelp in agony. Before the shock reached her arm the air began to sizzle as brilliant blue bolts of lightening danced across her body. There was no telling how loud she was screaming, or if she was merely crying. It was the end... there was nothing she could do.

A concussious thunder impacted her eardrum, and the the light ceased. She could smell her burnt flesh. In the arcway of what use to be a wall stood Scott. Beams of pure sunlight raining down around his silhouet. She could barely focus... her eyes rolling around in her scull. It was like something out of a kriffing holodrama.
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Jailbreak: Dromund Kaas Max Security Detention Center
Day 342

There was shouting... and flashes of light. Scott's face... his face... it was inhuman. Full of rage... anger... hatred. It was like she had just seen in the vision. An arm landed beside her... it was a woman's arm, and it was not cut. It was clear by the torn flesh it had been ripped off. As she struggled to focus she caught sight of another man with an emerald lightsaber. He dueled Lord Karsh in a fury of skillful swordsmanship.

She saw another figure in the opening in the wall. He was dressed in Sith trooper armor, tho he handled the slug-thrower in his hand like a veteran. He poured fire at the door from which Kira had been dragged in. Scott was in mid battle with the man who had called off Lord Karsh during his rapid and forceful interrogation. Scott uttered words that would make a hutt's parent cringe.

The battle happened so quickly she couldn't keep up. The figures moved so smoothly quickly, yet in slow motion. Scott screamed at someone named "Vigo" to backtrack and extract. Then the Sith Lord he battled swung vertical, slicing into Scott's arm. It was then that Scott's palm flew to the Sith's shoulder. In an instant a brilliant white beam protruded out the other side, sending the Sith back a step. Enough time that Scott made is way to Kira.

"Valkus! Vigo! Exfiltrate now!" He roared and they nodded.

The next moment her body was weightless in one of Scott's arms. He picked her up effortlessly, yet cautiously.

Then she was in the sunlight... no... it wasn't sunlight... it was flood lights... of the detention center compound. Her reasoning was so amiss. The next thing she remembered was hanging over Scott's shoulder as he ran on a solid stone plateau. Alarms were sounding everywhere.

Chuncks of stone were blasted into shrapnel as the tower guards began to level their blasters on the plateau. They were almost to the wooded jungle ahead of them. There was a cliff face to the left of them and a natural stone bridge just ahead. Once across the blaster fire ceased and there was no more opposition... visible.

In the darkness of the jungle Scott caught up to Vigo and Valkus. They did not break pace.

"That was closer than necessary... tho I wish I had gotten another slug into that guy you hit. The search parties will be out soon. Keep going down the main path here, you'll find your ship. Take off as soon as you are on board. I had the engines on a preflight routine for the past day." Vigo explained.

"What are you doing?"

"We're going to leave a few presents behind for any immediate pursuers." It was Valkus who spoke this time.

"How are you exfiltrating if I'm taking The Kuttless?"

"Please... your asses are going to be a target long before ours. We brought an Imperial shuttle... codes and all. The Kuttless has departure codes as well... but you'll have less time to use them before they put the entire planet into lock down." Vigo interjected again.

"Right... thanks guys."

"Hey you would have done the same for us... besides... you're in no condition to fight. I'm surprised you were able to even stand in that shock entrance. Oh... and here. Pawned this out of the detention's armory. Might want it."

Valkus handed him his saber. Scott nodded and left the planning to his comrades. Normally he would have put his foot down and stayed with them no matter what. But they were right... at this point he would be more of a hindrance than anything. And he had to care for another wounded already.

There was the ship right ahead. Kira's head was feeling even woozier, and her stomach was queasy. She didn't care what happened anymore. As long as Scott was going to stop sometime before she vomited on his back. Too her surprise the wish was almost immediately granted. The next moment she was hoisted off his shoulder and laid on the ground. Standing a few feet away from The Kuttless was malicious presence.

"Kira... try to stay awake. I'll be back shortly."

But the words meant nothing to her at this point. She was jolted awake once again by Scott's hand. It grabbed her by her blood soaked prison garbs and threw her into an accelerated motion. Then they were in the ship. Scott whipped around to face the being that had stood before the transport only moments ago. At least she thought it was moments ago. The man now had a streak of blood dripping from the side of his face.

"You can't run from me forever Chain!"

"Niel reshéforlot dreyl ra ek tufasna kell nal rosh! (Blood and flesh, my blade will dance upon your sleeping carcass.)"

The last thing she remembered was Scott lying her down on a medical bed, and shoving an oxygen mask over her face. He turned to leave... she used what strenght she had to grab his arm.


He smiled at her but still departed. The world around her went black with the sleeping gas filling her lungs. Pain became a vague concept.
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