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PostSubject: Training   Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:39 pm

WHIiiirrrreeenn SHiii rit tititit riIIiiL!! House-keeper hovers behind Tirell's trandosian shipmate whose current pastime is randomly moving objects out of place. To the droids dismay and Tirell's admiration. The trandosian had turned on the house-bots learning scheme. He was making it a better, faster more thorough bot. Though the droid was throwing a fit.

OOOorpptptptp bitta bitta bitta bitta SPUuuuRNK!

Yesterday, Q had repeatedly tracked mud into the nethers of the ship... on the ceiling, the bathroom mirror... *Tirell frowns* Q was a hunter, but no fool. He was showing his displeasure with ridiculous dedication to a mundane task. He breaths in (emotion)

and out (peace). Bringing his blade up to ready Tirell moves to the next stance crossing up against a heady blow. "Awareness of the surrounding chaos; and yet harmony with it." He intones as he spins and cuts and dodges.

"Extend yourself into possibility and sense; feel your opponent. Serene ready parries against the flurry of passion." He dips and blocks with simple firm basic forms giving ground to assure a defense.

The last two forms of the technique required he overcome ignorance and understand the last form which raises the blade and all your force awareness into a release. In combat it would get you killed or cut in half.

'When you understand its purpose', Master Thep Ku had said, 'ignorance will fall away into knowledge. The force will answer your call.'

Tirell continues to practice along-side House-keeper's chagrin.
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