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 Shadows In Her Mind

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PostSubject: Shadows In Her Mind   Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:52 pm


~ Chapter One ~

Through the massive doors he could hear it. He heard the struggle between what sounded like a man and a woman. There muffled grunts and yelps were only drowned out by the sound of tables, chairs and priceless artifacts breaking. He was considering entering the room despite his companions request but he could not move his feet. He felt it throughout his body. He knew who was going to die. 

Shots were fired. The noise seeping from the walls of the room ceased.

With much urgency, he quickly moved to the door typing in the passcode. The door opened to reveal the mess he assumed would be there. His eyes scan the room frantically as he equipped his blaster. His free hand ran through his black hair in desperation. Where are you? His ears pick up a soft rustling sound in the corner. He rushes over there as fast as his legs would take him. His green eyes widen, "Hera!" he cries out in anguish, rushing towards her...

Two Months Earlier

The sun peaked over the horizon marking the start of a new day. As it's golden rays filled the room of Senator Hera Megaran, her eyes slowly peeled open. A smile crept upon her delicate face. He was still here. She confirmed his location by sliding her foot over to the left side of the bed. It was him or some other man who decided to slip into her bed in the middle of the night. She rolled over to face him, his hair tousled and his face content. All of a sudden it clicked. 

Hera jumped out of bed, using the top sheet to cover herself before putting on her clothes. With much speed, she pulled on her pants and shirt before arranging her hair into a sloppy bun. She returned to the bed and paused. This was her least favorite part about him staying over. The fact that he had to leave before anyone else got up was almost as hard as saying goodbye. Commodore Drayven Renarus of the Sith Empire could not be seen leaving the home of Galactic Republic Senator Megaran of Chandrila. 

Being from different factions sometimes bothered her to the point of mental collapse. How could she stand the sight of him? How could she even touch him without wanting to die? He had ordered the death of her friends and probably the lives of thousands of innocent people yet she smiled at him now. Hera looked at him as though he was everything.

Her slender hands reached down and shook his shoulder, "Drayven. Wake up. It's time," she crooned, conflicted with emotions once more. Things were much easier when she was at the Fillorean Society. No feeling just action. 

The Sith Officer glanced up at her and smirked, "Already dressed? Pity," he teased, his Dromund Kaas accent visible in his voice. His eyes gleamed at her as he removed the blanket from his person. 

"Better cool those jets, flyboy," she giggled before reaching down to grab his uniform. She did not understand why he wore this every time he visited. It made him easy to spot. It was actually very foolish of him. Maybe he doesn't have any other nice clothes, she thought to herself as he grabbed the articles of clothing from her. 

He quickly put them and grabbed a hold of Hera. Drayven grinned before kissing. The world seemed to stop; however, it didn't.

The door to Hera's room opened and the sound of her father, Governor Tathines Megaran's voice echoed through the room. Renarus ended the kiss and tried to hide but it was too late. The governor had spotted him. 

"Hera," her father said in menacing yet soothing tone, "What is this scum doing in your house?"

Hera sighed, shocked that her secret was now out in the open, "He has sorta of...been coming here for months now father. He is...um," she glanced over to Drayven, who appeared ready to defend her. She opened her mouth to continue to only be interrupted by a loud voices and blaster fire. 

A bounty hunter dressed in black and red armor had flown up to her window using a jetpack. With weapons drawn he glared at both Megarans. Four shots were fired.

Tathines fell to the floor, Drayven was preparing to tackle the attacker, and Hera managed to dodge to shots aimed at her. The bounty hunter evaded, flying out of sight. 

The senator regained her composure, turning her attention to her fallen father, "Father, he is gone. You can stand up now," she reassured, extending her hand out towards him. Renarus moved to stand by her, watching as her father refused to budge. 

"Hera," he muttered quietly, looking done at the two blaster bolt marks on Tathines body.

Tears formed in Hera's eyes as she dropped to floor grasping her father, "Call the guards. Get the medical droid...now," she snapped, burying her head in the base of her father's neck. He rushed out of the room without a word.

She just sat there cradling her father, Don't die on me..
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Shadows In Her Mind
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