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 Reporting a Guild Member

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Sergei Meranov
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PostSubject: Reporting a Guild Member   Reporting a Guild Member EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 10:18 pm

The Fillorean Society takes a breach of its rules very seriously.  It's expected that all members behave towards each other and non-guild members with the utmost respect at all times.  We're all for joking around and having a good time, but not by being a douchebag.  So this is the official method of reporting any breach of rules, harassment, etc. by any of our members.  Non-guild members can see this and are encouraged to follow this system as well.

How to report

  • Send an in-game mail to an officer with a description of what happened.  Include as many details as possible. (contacts listed below and updated weekly)
  • Screenshot the offense and be prepared to send it.
  • Send a PM to the same officer from IG on the forums.  (This is to ensure the complaint is dealt with promptly) (This requirement is waived for non-guild members)

Do Nots

  • DO NOT report to anyone other than those listed here.  Senior Operatives are NOT officers.
  • DO NOT confront the person responsible or engage in any sort of fight with them.  Officers deal with these rule breaches.
  • DO NOT spread the complaint around to other guild members.  Report it to an officer.
  • DO NOT make a public post on the forums regarding it.  Talk with an officer about it privately.  (Truthfully this goes for any complaint.)

Contact Information
This is the contact info for the current officers in the guild.  The bolded and underlined name is the forum name followed by all in-game names on the Republic side.  If you have a complaint, only send 1 in-game mail to the first name listed after the underlined and bolded name and then send a PM here on the forums to the underlined and bolded name.

Sergei Meranov

  • Seriozha
  • Andrey
  • Xaldorl
  • Vazili

Comrade Brucil

  • Som
  • Hanceki
  • A'idah


  • Valkus
  • Helina
  • Xosask

Complaint Review Process
After receiving a complaint, the officer who was contacted will review it and conduct an investigation.  The length of the investigation will depend on the evidence.  If a screenshot clearly shows a breach of the rules then immediate action will be taken.  If the complaint lacks a screenshot, a more lengthy investigation is warranted.  At the conclusion of the investigation, the officer in charge will notify the reporting party of the outcome and the rationale behind it both on the forums and via IG mail.

Review of a complaint investigation
If, after the investigation is concluded, the reporting party or the reported party is unsatisfied with the result they may petition the guild leader (Sergei listed above) for a review.  If the guild leader conducted the investigation and a review is requested, it will be referred to another officer.  Regardless, all requests for a review of a completed complaint investigation should be sent directly to Sergei via PM and IG mail.

On review, no new investigation will be conducted unless there is evidence that no investigation took place initially.  The reviewer will look at the previous investigation to determine if the evidence supported the outcome.  If it did, then the party requesting review will be notified and no further action will be taken.  If the outcome is found not to be supported by the evidence, then a new investigation will take place conducted by the reviewer.

For any questions regarding any part of this policy, contact an officer.

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Reporting a Guild Member
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