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 Vigo Surai

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Sergei Meranov
Sergei Meranov

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PostSubject: Vigo Surai   Vigo Surai EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 12:40 am

This was originally posted by Tureil/Vigo Surai in the Template thread

Species/Race: Human, caucasian
Last Name: Surai
Gender: Male
Hair Color/Style: Dark brown, short "natural"
Facial Appearance: Serious expression, scar jutting from under right side of lips to under his earlobe.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Body Appearance: Toned build, small handful of scars peppered over torso.
Home Planet: Coruscant
Current Residence: Traveling to Ord Mantell
Ship: Tai's Junker
Allegiance:The Republic, and himself.
Profession: Trooper hopeful.
Armor: Currently a Heavy Cinnagar war suit.
Primary Weapon(s):Disruptor Rifle
Secondary Weapon(s):Slugthrower Pistol, vibroknife stashed in a boot.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Datapad, comlink, magazines for the pistol, one of "Mercy rounds" and one of plain slugs.


• What is your character’s name? Does the character have a nickname?
Vigo Surai. He's sometimes called "Viggy" by Tai, but usually ignores it when others call him it.

• What is your character’s hair color? Eye color?
Both are dark brown.

• What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have?
The scruffy beginnings of a beard, and a scar jutting from under right side of lips to under his earlobe.

• Does your character have a birthmark? Where is it? What about scars? How did he get them?
No birthmarks, but a few scars from simply traveling around with Tai (not to mention the occasional bar fight), although the scar on his face is from an event on Tattooine Vigo doesn't like to speak of.

• Who are your character’s friends and family? Who does he surround herself with?
The only family Vigo has left is the man he travels with named Tai, a friend of his mothers before she disappeared. Other than Tai, Vigo doesn't seem to get past the acquaintance stage with people, as he's always on the move.

• Where was your character born? Where has she lived since then? Where does she call home?
He was born on Coruscant, 7 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. After that, he traveled around with Tai, living everywhere from Alderaan to Tattooine. His most familiar stomping grounds is Tai's ship, a well-worn light freighter the old soldier won some years ago in a pazaak game.

• Where does your character go when he’s angry?
Anywhere quiet, usually his quarters on the Junker, but wherever he can "get away" suffices.

• What is his biggest fear? Who has he told this to? Who would he never tell this to? Why?
He's slightly claustrophobic, and regards narrow corridors and small spaces to be "Death traps" if anything goes wrong.
He'd never tell Tai, as he knew the weathered veteran would simply laugh and tell him to not be so paranoid.

• Does he have a secret?
He's colorblind in his left eye.

• What makes your character laugh out loud?
Many things, but seeing klutzes always strikes a sweet note.

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Vigo Surai
Vigo Surai

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PostSubject: Re: Vigo Surai   Vigo Surai EmptySun Apr 06, 2014 9:46 pm

Combat Skills

Melee Weapons:1

Blasters: 2

Heavy Weapons/Ordnance: 3

Force Power: 0

Unarmed: 1

Utility Skills
Acrobatics: (1)

Awareness: 2

Computers: 1


Force Power (utility):0

Mechanics: 1  

Security: 0

Speechcraft: 1

Stealth: 0

Treat Injury: 2
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Vigo Surai
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