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 Alistair Gorator

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This was originally posted by Malcolm in the Template thread

Species/Race: Miraluka
Name: Alistair
Middle Name: Kenshi
Last Name: Gorator
Nickname: Goraz
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 3681 BBY
Place of Birth: Alpheridies
Date of Death: N/A
Place of Death: N/A
Age: 28 as 3653
Height: 6' 1
Weight: 178
Hair Color/Style: Black, short, militar style.
Facial Appearance: Small forehead, thin cheeks, medium nose. Normal ears. Padlock bear.
Eye Color: Miralukas don't have eyes.
Body Appearance: Athletic, strong arms and legs. He has a robotic implant from his right elbow to his hand.
Home Planet: Alpheridies.
Current Residence: Tython
Ship: Sword of Retribution
Allegiance: Republic, Jedi Order, Fillorean Society.
Profession: Jedi Sentinel
Armor: A jedi Battle armor covered by a jedi robe.
Primary Weapon(s): Two lightsabers, one green, the other blue.
Secondary Weapon(s): An electum lightsaber from his master.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Blindfold

Alistair was born was born in Alpheridies, and like the rest of his species, was force sensitive. His family was had a common wealth status, so he lived his earlier years with a relative confort. When he was 5 he entered the Culu Memorial Center to start his Jedi training. He showed an exceptional skill at Jar'Kai. He earned the nickname of Goraz after a Boar-like creature that lived on his planet. The Goraz was a powerful but loyal animal, strong, fast and smart. After Alistair outsmartered and defeat several of his companions, the students began to call him Goraz, in honor to the creature. When he turned 10, he was chosen by Master Sharad Agler, another Miraluka, as her apprentice.

With his Master, Goraz went on many missions for the republic, using his skills at Jar'Kai plus his Force Sight to maximun effect. It was during one of this mission, that he met a young Jedi Padawan Twi'lek named Asaly Ondura and her master, an Ithorian named Chadar. They did several missions togheter, and over the time, Goraz fell in love with Asaly, and she felt the same way.

In one of the missions they had togheter, they were sent to a planet near the outer rom to investigate the disappearance of a Jedi Master. When they arrived, they followed the signal of the Master's ship and found a temple. They decided to investigate the temple, searching for the master. But instead, they found that the sith were inside. They tried to escape, and were near the exit, but they were trapped by two siths. The two Jedi Masters engaged the Sith lord, while the padawans engaged his apprentice. The combatants were fighting as hard as they could, but both sides were equally matched. After a while, the two padawans managed to defeat their enemy. But, the two masters were losing agaisnt the sith lord. Then, in a quick attack, the sith lord killed the Ithorian and threw master Sharad to a wall with the Force. Then, the sith lord attacked the young Twi'lek, and was about to kill her when Goraz stepped in and protected her.

"I.....Won't.....Allow you......TO HURT HER!!!." He then started to attack the sith lord, but he was no match to him. The Sith Lord quickly destroyed his lightsabers and cut his right elbow. "Now, bow before me and join the darkside or die." Goraz looked at the sith with a defiant look, he yelled. "NEVER!!." The sith raised his lightsaber. "Then you shall die." But before he could deliver the fatal blow, he was pushed against a wall. Goraz looked behind he and saw his master. "Run Alistair, take Sharad with you and leave the planet." Goraz was going to reply, but before he could open his mouth, and hand grabbed him and made him stood up. He then saw as Sharad started running towards the exit, and he followed her. But, before he exited his master yelled his name. He turned around, and saw she throwed him her Purple Electrum lightsaber. He grabbed it, and ran, as fast as he could.

When they arrived to a nearby town, they took the first transport they could, and headed towards Courscant to inform the council. When they arrived, they told everything that happened. The council sent several Jedis to investigate the temple, but when they arrived, there was no sign of the siths.

The years passed, and the love that Sharad and Goraz felt for each other grew up. They did several missions togheter, but they never returned to that planet on the outer rim nor they heard about that sith lord.

Then, he was sent alone in a diplomatic mission Corellia, while Sharad was sent, along several jedis, to investigate a disppearing in a planet in the outer rim. Alistair's mission was quick, so he returned to Courscant. When he returned, he found out that they planet the were sent was the same planet where they met the sith lord so many years ago, and that haven't reported back in a couple days. Goraz was sent with five others jedis to extract the other team and find out what was happening.

When they arrived, they landed on the temple. Inside, they spread into groups of two. Goraz went with a Cathar Jedi to the west wing of the Temple. Then, they saw a big door. Goraz approached the door, and opened. The room inside was big, and had thousands of books. It was illuminate by several candles, giving it an old place. Goraz entered first, but when the Cathar was about the enter, the door closed. Goraz quickly ignited his two lightsabers. Then, infron of him, there were to siths. One of the siths spoke. "You fool, you're no match for us." Then, the two siths ignited their lightsabers, and they attacked Goraz. Goraz skill was superior to the siths alone, but the two of them were too much for him. But then, he had an idea. He force pushed the candles, turning them off, and then, he turned of his lightsabers. His Force Sight gave him a huge advantage over his oponents. The siths, cowards as they are, tried to hide. "I can see you!!" Goraz yelled. He then saw the siths hiding behind some tables, and with a quick attack, he ignited his two lightsabers and killed the two siths.

He then exited the room, and his instinc guided him towards a door nearby. Then, he opened the door, and he saw Sharad, tied in a corner. He then ran towards her, but a Force Push threw him to a wall nearby. As he stood up, he saw the same sith lord that killed his master. "I sensed your arrival, and I must sy, I'm impressed by yours skill." Then, the sith lord walked towards him. "Join me, and you will have more power that you could possible imaginate. Bow before Darth Occasus." Goraz gave him a look as cold as Hoth. "Never." The sith lord stopped walking, and ignited his lightsaber. "Then you shall die, and she will die next." Goraz ignited his two lightsabers. "Your plan has a flaw. It assumes you can kill me." And with those words, he attacked the sith. The two began to duel, Goraz fighting as hard as he could, but still, his opponent was better than him. The sith began to gain advantage, and, when all hope was lost, Goraz managed to cut the sith hand. Goraz then tried to take advantage of the situation, but to his horror, the sith raised his other hand, and with all his strenght, Force Pushed Goraz to the wall. "You insolent. How dare you to cut my hand." The sith walked slowly towards Goraz, and when he was ner enough, he kicked him in the face. "You know what, I'm going to kill her first, and you will watch her die." The sith turned around, but Goraz grabbed his leg with his mechanical arm. "What do you think you can do now, Jedi? You're defeated." But then, with all his streng, Goraz crushed the sith leg. "I can do that." The sith fell in pain, screaming. Goraz stood up, and ran towards Sharad. He untied her, and kissed her. But she didn't respond, she simply pointed to his back. To his horror, Goraz saw as Darth Occasus escaped, but he couldn't follow him. Then, the rest of the Jedis arrived, but they couldn't capture Darth Occasus. And with that, they returned to Courscant.

Now, Goraz is more determined than ever to find Darth Occasus, and will protect Sharad and the Republic until he doesn't have more air in his lungs.


• What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have?
He doesn't have eyes. He wears a blindfold.

• Does your character have a birthmark? Where is it? What about scars? How did he get them? He has a Robotic arm. He lost his right arm in his first with Darth Occasus.

• Who are your character’s friends and family? Who does he surround himself with? Who are the people your character is closest to? Who does he wish he were closest to? His girlfriend, Sharad. His best friends are Brucil, Scott, Lena and Gupp.

• Where does your character go when he’s angry?
To the jedi temple.

• What is his biggest fear? Who has he told this to? Who would he never tell this to? Why?
His biggest fear is to loss Sharad or any of his closest friends.
• Does he have a secret?
• What makes your character laugh out loud?
Ewoks and Gupp.
• When has your character been in love? Had a broken heart?
His currently in love.

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Alistair Gorator
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