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 Gorkan Skrugger

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This was originally posted by Malcolm in the Template thread

Species/Race: Ork
Name: Gorkan Skrugger
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 88 BTC
Place of Birth: Uruk
Age: 88
Height: 6' 7.
Weight: 350
Hair Color/Style: N/A
Facial Appearance: Big head, big teeths, small eyes. Pointy ears. A missing eye.
Eye Color: Red
Body Appearance: Big, strong arms and legs. Broad shoulders.
Home Planet: Uruk
Current Residence: His ship.
Ship: S-100 Stinger-class starfighter "Spaze Shoota"
Allegiance: Republic, Fillorean Soceity.
Profession: Commando(Kommando)
Armor: Leather, full body armor.
Primary Weapon(s): ACP Blaster
Secondary Weapon(s): Demolition packs, grenades.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Stealth Field Generator.

Gorkan was born in an outer rim planet named Urk. The system was a dangerous place, meteors covering it. So, Urk and the planets nearby were never explored. In Urk, a population of feral being lived in constant war. They were big, mean, kinda dumb, and green. They called themselves, "Orkz". They were a very primitive species, they were always fighting, and, because of this, their technology never evolved that much.

The Orkz were a big species. Their size ranged from 6 to 8 fts. They also lived for long times, up to 200 years. Their elders were called shamans. The lived in different tribes, and they waged war to each other. Gorkan was born in one of these tribes, the "Black Boarz". They were one of the strongest tribes in Urk, and were specializied in Guerrilla tactics, ambushs, and the like. The had an elite unite called Kommandos. Gorkan's father was their leader. From a young age, Gorkan showed exceptional skills at stealth, ambush and surprise tactics. Also, he was different from most of his species, he was smart. He knew that the Okrz had to join togheter, or they would destroy each other.

He was a skilled fighter by the age of 27, and his father put him in charge of his own Kommando Unit. They were called the "Yellou Kullz". They painted their heads with yellow tattos. In every mission they were sent, Gorkan tried to kill only when he needed to. At first, his troops didn't liked his tactics, they thought he was weak for letting their enemies live. But, after he proved to them by single handely defeating a Rancor, or how they call them, "Gortorz", they began to follow his path. By the age of 60, he became the leader of the Kommandos, and his father, the leader of the tribe.

One time, he was sent on a recon mission. Apparently, something appeared in the sky, and the saw it land near their them. When they approached the landing place, Gorkan saw a being that he never saw in his life before. It was the first time he saw a human. A human jedi. He was accompanied by several troopers. They quickly surrounded them, but, instead of killing the jedi and his troopers, Gorkan asked them to follow him to his village. The Jedi, knowing that it was his best option, accepted.

When they arrived, many Orkz whispered. Gorkan's father approached them, and asked his son who were their. Gorkan told him and the rest of the village what he saw, the ship, their technology, everything. His father didn't like them, but Gorkan had a feeling. He asked his father to let them stay, at least for a while. That night, celebrations were made, in honor of the visitors. Then, the jedi, called Aster Molonov, told his story. He was sent on an exploring mission to their system, and, even though it was hard, the force guided them to Urk. He told them about a Republic, an Empire and a war.  Gorkan instantly knew that they could help them.

Later that night, Aster approached Gorkan. He didn't told the whole story. Apparently, before Gorkan and his "Yellou Kullz" arrived, the jedi and some troops did some exploration. The saw a village nearby, and saw the bloodlust "Dark Sunz". They were beast, fighting all the time, killing, bulling and stealing. Gorkan told them that they were Un-orky. They were traitors and cowards. Then, Aster told him about what he thought about Gorkan's tribe. They were honorable, some of them even smart. They didn't fought all the time, but they were no cowards. Gorkan told him that, at the before, they were like the "Dark Sunz", but his father and him worked hard to change their mind, and for the most part, the succeded. The next day, the Jedi said the he had to leave the planet, but that they would return. Before the jedi could leave, Gorkan asked him something. "Hous tha we speac da same languge?" Aster looked at him, and smiled. "I don't know". He then left.

Two years passed, and Gorkan managed to unite several tribes under his father's banner. But some tribes, like the "Dark Sunz" refused to unite. They didn't liked mercy and pity, only treasures, and blood. They sent several assasins to kill Gorkan's father, and even though he was well protected, they succeded. Gorkan was elected as the next leader, and he waged war agaisnt the "Dark Sunz" and their allies. Some time passed, and Aster returned. Gorkan was happy to see his friend again, but his friend brought him bad news. He told him about the war again, that it was worst, and that they could use his help. Gorkan was prepared to speak with his people, he wanted to tell them that they needed to join with the "Urglic". But, before he could speak, he was betrayed by his men. One of his soldiers shot him in the face. Luckly, a loyal Kommando that was there killed the traitor, but was killed by other traitors. Gorkan managed to escape, but lost his eye.

He arrived at Aster's ship, but the traitors were behind him. He managed to warn them, but the Orkz attacked. They deffended themselves, but were outnumbered. Aster, in a desperate struggle to save his troopers, threw them inside the ship, including Gorkan. He then stayed behind, killing as many Orkz as he could. Knowing that they couldn't do anything, the troopers left with Gorkan.

Now, Gorkan helps the Republic with their war agaisnt the Empire, using his Kommando training to the maximun effect, and he hopes that, one day, he will return to Urk to liberate his people.

• What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have?
He has several yellow tattos in his face.
• Does your character have a birthmark? Where is it? What about scars? How did he get them?He lost one eye when Kommandos betrayed him.

• Who are your character’s friends and family? Who does he surround himself with? Who are the people your character is closest to? Who does he wish he were closest to?His only friends are Brucil and Goraz. But, he gets along with the rest of the Fillorean Society members.

• What makes your character laugh out loud?
"Krusshin Kullz"

• When has your character been in love? Had a broken heart?

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