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 Ansion Mission Report

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PostSubject: Ansion Mission Report   Ansion Mission Report EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 3:19 pm

Author:  Fillorean Archivist Gamma Seven

Time:  GS21406; 6 ATC

Event:  Ansion Republic Allegiance Assurance Initiative (ARAA Initiative)

Mission Synopsis:  
Fillorean operatives sent to ensure Ansion's allegiance to the Republic.  Initial fear of Sith involvement proved accurate.  Mission ultimately a success, but operatives work revealed.  Society whitewash team deployed after mission conclusion.

Mission Narrative Summary:
Tellen and Sergei were given a collective assignment, designed by the Sophic Council, to test their mettle in a full-scale Fillorean Engagement. They were given the task of turning Ansion to the Republic after being contested by the Sith. Tellen took his most trusted party of Filloreans with Sergei. While the Senator wormed his way into Ansion's government as a representative, Tellen's party distracted the ingrained Sith with a raid on their enplacements.

The Sith did not take lightly to such a challenge. Attacking in the dead of night, the Sith party struck the Fillorean Ship, before inexplicably retreating. However, they took several captives, including Tellen, who were later sprung by a Fillorean Counterattack. After packing up the remains of their damaged camp, the crew retreated to Ansion's capital, where they waged a publicity war against the Sith in order to gain the trust of the Ansion government. The plan seemed to be working - at least, until a captain who ostensibily served the Republic defected to the Sith, and ordered a a party of Jedi and Assassins to kill Tellen and his associates. However, a section of that party uncovered the truth, exposed the captain, killed the Sith Loyalists in the party, and joined the Society.  

The Sith amassed their forces and ships to create a fleet - but not before the Republic sent a small reinforcement contingent, and Ansion pledged its support for the Republic. Tellen and Sergei lead the Republic in a furious battle both above and on the planet's surface in response to the Sith threat. Despite great hardship, the team on the planet managed to accomplish their goal on the planet's surface. The Sith fleet around Ansion was badly damaged, sustaining moderate casualties before withdrawing completely from the sector. As a result of the Society's efforts, though somewhat bungled, Ansion was now decidedly in the Republic camp. Their efforts concluded, the Society's members headed back to one of the Society's secret bases for a de-briefing.

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Ansion Mission Report
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