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 Code of Conduct (Essential Reading) - Revised 4.1.2014

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Code of Conduct (Essential Reading) - Revised 4.1.2014 Empty
PostSubject: Code of Conduct (Essential Reading) - Revised 4.1.2014   Code of Conduct (Essential Reading) - Revised 4.1.2014 EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 10:29 pm

The rules for the Fillorean Society are fairly simple. The punishments for (most) of these vary depending on the context and the situation. Most of these simply boil down to, “Stay mature, don’t be a dick.” But you should still read through it quick.

Rule 1
Absolutely, under no circumstance, will racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or any other form of general xenophobia be tolerated. If you break this rule, you will not receive any sort of warning, you will just be removed.

Rule 2
Respect your fellow guild members, and respect other players. The first part should be obvious, but we also don’t want the Fillorean Society to be known as “that” guild on the server. If someone is “trolling” on global, don’t feed them. You, at all times, are representing this guild. Do not give it a bad name. While this guild isn’t 100% super-duper serious 24/7, realize that some people may find certain phrases or jokes to be distasteful.

Rule 3
Be active. If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, it is your responsibility to tell an Officer. If you know you’re going to be gone for a month, and do not tell anyone, you will be removed. Unless something urgent came up (Death of a family member, house burned down, family emergency etc etc) you will not be allowed back in the guild. You knew that you’d be gone, and you failed to tell the leadership.

Rule 4
Do not argue with Officers. Arguing just leads to petty squabbles that make everyone angry.  If you disagree with a decision, accept it for the time being and then report it to another officer later or to me.  The procedure for reporting/appealing violations and decisions is listed in a separate post in the OOC Guild Information forum.

Rule 5
Do not create drama in guild chat. If someone is harassing you, or you feel that you’re not being respected, or that your voice is not being heard, send a PM to an officer. Do not start stuff over any of the guild channels.

Rule 6
Keep discussion topics appropriate.  We have a variety of people and backgrounds in the guild.  While you may not mean something to be weird, disturbing or offensive, it's possible that an outlandish topic might be perceived that way.  Keep guild discussions light-hearted and fun.  No need to delve into heavy hitting or personal topics.  If you have that sort of issue or want to have that discussion, make a private group to have it.  If anyone has any sort of really personal issues that they need to talk to someone about, feel free to send an ingame mail or PM to any of the officers.

Rule 7
This is an RP guild. When IC, stay IC. Use good grammar, spelling and follow the guild RP guidelines.

Code of Conduct (Essential Reading) - Revised 4.1.2014 SergeiSig-1
"We're not bangin' rocks together here, we know how to run a guild."
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Code of Conduct (Essential Reading) - Revised 4.1.2014
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