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 Nexb Aroo

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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

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PostSubject: Nexb Aroo   Nexb Aroo EmptySun Apr 27, 2014 12:39 pm

This is a character I use to use back in the hay day of the SWTOR forums, pre-game-launch. He was pretty in-depth, however I'll have to rebuild him as most my information for him WAS on the Torums pre-launch.


Species/Race: Rodian

Name: Nexb

Middle Name: none

Last Name: Aroo

Nickname: None Yet

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 15 BTC

Place of Birth: Pirate Srarcruiser, Kathol Sector

Date of Death: N/A

Place of Death: N/a

Age: Currently ~26

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: ~120 lbs

Hair Color/Style: none

Skin Color: Dark Blue

Facial Appearance: Typical Rodian

Eye Color: Deep Red - Black

Body Appearance: Typical Rodian

Home Planet: none

Current Residence: Coruscaunt

Ship: none

Allegiance: none

Profession: Slicer/Scammer/Inventor/Aspiring Businessman

Armor: Something similar to to Gault Rennow's starting armor...
Nexb Aroo 250px-Gault

Primary Weapon(s): Blastor Pistol

Secondary Weapon(s): Vibro Knife

Miscellaneous Item(s): datapad, electrobinocs, comlink, etc.

Personality: Nexb is usually depicted as an scraggly, oddball. His goofy persona, and willingness to make himself at home wherever he feels, often garners him irritation and annoyance from others. Outwardly he is a very laid back, some say too laid back, with a care-free attitude. However there is the rare occasion where he spills his thoughts in a more serious (and speculative dark) tone. This leads some to question his sanity. Despite his self-entitled behavior Nexb has an odd sense of honor and righteousness, which is to say conscience.

Born on the skirts of the Outer Rim, Nexb was born in deep space on his father's pirate, flag ship, The Black Corsair. At his birth his mother was discarded after bearing the self-proclaimed pirate king, Astoadon's heir. Astoadon was a titan of a Rodian and considered to come from unnatural origins. Nexb does not know what became of his mother. However he often speculates that his caretaker, a dark blue skinned female Rodian, was more than his designated caretaker. At an early age his father ushered him into the tactics and profession of pirating. To Astoadon's delight his son showed prodigal signs towards an inclination to slicing and hacking into long range ship navigation interfaces and deep space nav drones. For a small time pirate this was a great tool in ambushing freighters and starliners along the Trition Trade Route. With Nexb's algorithm installed on every ship in Astoadon's fleet, the Pirate King quickly earned marks to his self proclaimed legacy.

By the time Nexb was 15, Astoadon's father had earn reputation in the Kathol sector as the infamous Bloody Baron of Kathol and his Red Fleet. Regional transport services knew to pay the Baron his tax, those that didn't were often targeted. As Astoadon's fleet grew so did Nexb's discontent with his father's ways. As he grew Nexb began to realize how much more of a tool than an heir he was to Astoadon's legacy. Inquiring about leaving his father's custody to explore the galaxy his father merely laughed at Nexb's desires. Stating that he would never leave his father's side. Eventually he decided to strike out on his own. He had never left the Kathol sector before.

The first time he tried to escape his father's grasp was short-lived. About a kilometer off of his father's flag ship ion lasers put several dozen holes in the snubfighter's thruster engines. Fortunately Astoadon simply saw it as an adolescent attempt at exploring. However after three more attempts at leaving his father's services it was becoming increasingly more difficult to evade supervision, and his father's patience was starting to wear thin. The increased supervision forced Nexb to use his talents for evasion. After mocking up a fairly realistic hologram VI of himself he slipped away aboard an enforcer party headed to an settlement on Kal'Shebbol. There he snuck aboard a starliner headed for Hutt Space. Astoadon ordered all ships leaving the world to be swept before leaving orbit. Nexb was nearly discovered by his father's mercenary squads, but avoided detection with the help of a young female Twi'lek by the name of Alia.

Alia was a fair green skinned slave. She was on barter to some Hutt Cartel crime boss. Nexb found she had a mind for manipulation and was a handy tech herself. It was a shame to him she was being pawned off to some slimy crime lord as a piece of entertainment, rather than utilizing her talents. Between the two of them they scammed their way from Nal Hutta to the Core Worlds in a dream to start an Entrepreneur Empire.


Astoadon -
Nexb Aroo Rodian_Sith_Shadow
Nexb Aroo Rodian_Sith_Shadow

Nexb -
Nexb Aroo RodianMale-SOC

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Scott Chain
Scott Chain

Posts : 7510
Join date : 2009-12-01
Age : 30
Location : outside Turry's window

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PostSubject: Re: Nexb Aroo   Nexb Aroo EmptySun Apr 27, 2014 12:50 pm


Combat Skills

Melee Weapons:

Blasters: 2

Heavy Weapons/Ordanance:

Force Power:


Utility Skills
Acrobatics: (1 by default)

Awareness: 2

Computers: 4


Force Power (utility):

Mechanics: 2

Security: 3

Speechcraft: 2


Treat Injury:
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Nexb Aroo
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