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 Guild Charter (For Current and Prospective Members - READ!)

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Sergei Meranov
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PostSubject: Guild Charter (For Current and Prospective Members - READ!)   Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:26 pm

The Charter of the Fillorean Society

This Charter deals with the OOC responsibilities and expectations of the Leadership and Membership of the Fillorean Society. Following are specific articles that deal with the responsibilities and expectations of each.

Article I – Responsibility of the Guild Leaders and Guild towards members

It is well within the rights of the membership of a guild to demand things of a guild leader, or, collectively the guild leadership. Therefore, here is a list of duties the members can expect the leadership to uphold, and a failure to do so will be a breach of this charter.

• Enforce the rules of the guild
• Encourage the general RP atmosphere of the guild by setting up events in-game and on the forum.
• Ensuring the guild runs smoothly.
• Resolving disputes between members in a fair and impartial manner.
• Conducting guild business in a fair and impartial manner.
• Maintaining a reasonable level of activity on the forums and in game.

Article II – Responsibilities of the membership towards the Guild and Guild Leaders

As it is reasonable for the membership to demand and expect things of their leaders, so is it reasonable for the leaders and guild in general to expect things and demand things of the membership. Therefore, here is a list of duties that are expected of the membership of the Fillorean Society, a failure to perform these duties satisfactorily will be considered a breach of this charter.

• Check the website, forums, and any method of IG communication reasonably regularly, so that you remain apprised of guild news and upcoming RP events.
• Abide by the rules of the guild.
• Make an effort to contribute not just to the RP of the guild, but to the RP of the server as a whole.
• Be reasonable in demands made of the guild and its leadership.
• Do not depend on the guild for everything involved with RP. To put it differently, be able to design and engage in your own RP with other members, do not depend solely on guild-wide activities.
• Be a responsible, upstanding member of the game’s online community, both in game and on the forums.
• Maintain a reasonable level of activity on the forums and in game.

This charter shall constitute the OOC governing document for the guild, while it is not all-inclusive it is the spirit of this document that is to be followed in addition to its stated rules. The responsibilities in this document are considered binding until altered by the Leadership, any alteration must be preceded by a two-week notification period IG, on the forums, and on the website.


"We're not bangin' rocks together here, we know how to run a guild."
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Guild Charter (For Current and Prospective Members - READ!)
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