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 Resurgance: A historical account of the Fillorean Society

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Resurgance:  A historical account of the Fillorean Society Empty
PostSubject: Resurgance: A historical account of the Fillorean Society   Resurgance:  A historical account of the Fillorean Society EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 3:09 pm

<<Dossier activated>>

<<A computerized female voice relates the following...>>

After its founding, the Society spent several hundred years unknown to the Republic at large. Indeed, even the families of Halber Lepras and Alexander Meranov lost all contact with it. No one is quite sure what role the Society played in the intervening years between the Great Sith War and the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant in the Republic's history, but it suddenly re-emerged from the shadows after being re-discovered by two people with ties to the founding of the Society itself. Tellen Silversun, while fleeing a Sith ambush over Talus, stumbled upon a holocron left by his ancestor, Halber Lepras. The holocron, though sparse on details, informed Tellen of the Fillorean Society, and also gave Tellen a mission: He was to seek out the descendants of Alexander Meranov, and find the Society.

It didn't take Tellen long to find Alexander's descendants. They were still located on Talus, but he decided to wait to see which one he should contact. Before long, Tellen decided on Sergei Meranov, a descendant of Alexander that was a somewhat influential senator. After convincing Sergei to join him, the two set about trying to locate the Society or one of its facilities. The two searched for months with little success. The Society was little more than a legend or whisper in history at this point, and there was no record of it ever having existed except for the sole holocron in Tellen's possession. The pair had almost given up hope when they were suddenly kidnapped during the night. They awoke in a chamber, surrounded by darkness, and were questioned at length about their interest in the Fillorean Society. The two answered honestly and presented the holocron to their captors. There were moments of agonizing silence before their captors spoke, but when they did, it brought joy to both Tellen and Sergei. Not only had the two new friends managed to find the Society, they had now, thanks to their ingenuity, skills, and position, been invited to join it. They began tirelessly working to further the Society's efforts, and it wasn't long before they were given positions of prominence, and entrusted with sensitive tasks.

The re-discovery by Tellen and Sergei led to a new era within the Fillorean Society. While it had been dormant and dwelled within the shadows for over 300 years after the Great Sith War, the admission of Sergei and Tellen, amongst others, led to a resurgence in membership recruitment and action. Once again, the Society sent thousands of operatives out into the galaxy, to recruit the best and brightest, and to turn back the Sith Empire anywhere it could. The Society was once again rising to the Republic's defense, but would its efforts be enough to help hold back the Sith armadas? Only time would tell.

<<Dossier access terminated>>

Resurgance:  A historical account of the Fillorean Society SergeiSig-1
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Resurgance: A historical account of the Fillorean Society
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