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 Abeo Mission Report

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Abeo Mission Report Empty
PostSubject: Abeo Mission Report   Abeo Mission Report EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 3:34 pm

Author:  Fillorean Archivist Lamda Three

Time:  GS21406, 6 ATC

Event:  Terrorist threat neutralization, codename:  Abeo

Mission Synopsis
A series of threats and bombings were directed towards Republic Senators on Coruscant.  Operatives were dispatched to find the source of the threat and neutralize it along with all associated contacts.

Mission Narrative Summary
After a series of threats were made against the Republic Senate, an explosion that was set off as a warning sent the Fillorean Society's top members into action.  Shortly after the detonation, Scott Chain, a high-ranking special operative in the Society, was dispatched with a team to run down the last, living, lead to who might be responsible for the terrorist attack.  Scott and his team chased their lead down to the very depths of Coruscant where they finally corralled the lead, a scraggly man wearing rags in a cantina and began to interrogate him.  While Titan, a member of Scott's team, carried out the interrogation, the rest of the team went to investigate the site of the latest terrorist attack.  Suddenly, they were called back to the cantina serving as their base of operations, but it was too late.  The terrorists had struck again leaving a crater for a cantina and the cracked, beaten helmet of Titan as evidence.

Following the explosion, the team found evidence of a shipment made to the then main base of the Fillorean Society, located on an asteroid in a remote part of the galaxy.  Scott and his team set out at once to warn the Society of the potential danger.  Several days later, after Scott and his team had arrived, Tellen Silversun and Sergei Meranov, who lead the cell of operatives to which Scott and company belonged, were called to a meeting with the Sophic Council, the heads of the Fillorean Society, to explain their actions during the mission on Ansion.  During the meeting, Tellen and Sergei made a bold proposal to be made members of the Council itself, so that they might be able to combat the growing threat the Society was facing, a threat that had already claimed the lives of two Sophic Councilors and countless operatives.  The Council eventually relented and made both Tellen and Sergei its newest members, but it was to be their last act.  Shortly after Tellen and Sergei's meeting with the Council concluded, Tellen received a warning through the force which was followed quickly by a massive explosion that collapsed the Council chamber.  Tellen and Sergei had been thrown clear, but the rest of the Council had not been so lucky and were all killed.

After the explosion, Tellen and Sergei met up with the rest of their operatives on the base.  The group moved as quickly as possible to the hanger bay, hoping that their ship, the Viridian, was still operational.  Upon reaching the hanger, the Society members were confronted by a group of crack Mandalorian mercenaries.  The group barely managed to fight their way to the ship and take off from the hanger.  The escape left several members of the team, notably Scott and Sergei, wounded.  The ship flew from the collapsing hanger hoping to finally breathe a sigh of relief, only to be greeted by a Sith cruiser opening fire on the former Society stronghold.  Thanks to the quick piloting of Scott and Tellen, the Society ship managed to elude the cruiser and jump to hyperspace.  A new dark day had dawned for the Fillorean Society.

Manual Notation
User ID:  Seriozha3708

This entry has been reconstructed with bits and pieces collected from the base.  After the explosion most of the Fillorean archivists were dead.  Everything after "...Titan as evidence." has been reconstructed from agent debriefings after the fact as opposed to Society surveillance records as was the usual method.  Some details may vary from individual accounts and recollections as a result.
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Abeo Mission Report
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