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 Game Review Template

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Sergei Meranov
Sergei Meranov

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Game Review Template Empty
PostSubject: Game Review Template   Game Review Template EmptyFri Jan 06, 2017 2:11 pm

Game Name

Overall/TL;DR - (score here)

  • What is your overall impression of the game?  This should be a succinct summary of your thoughts for those that don't want to read the full review.

Fun Factor - (score here)

  • Is the game fun to play?  What makes it fun?  Be specific.  Is there something that really detracts from the experience?  What is it?  Be specific.

Gameplay - (score here)

  • Are the game mechanics intuitive?  What do you do in the game?  Is the UI great or a mess?

Graphics - (score here)

  • Does it look pretty?  Are the textures all warped and weird?  Are the facial animations way in to the uncanny valley?

Sound - (score here)

  • How's it sound?  Bad voice acting?  Great theme music?

Replayability - (score here)

  • Would this be a good game to play again?  Why?

The categories above are the written review.  Each header should have your score for that section followed by however much writing you want to do about why you gave it that score.  Scoring system is 1-5 and is as follows:

  1. Absolute Garbage with few to no redeeming qualities probably virtually unplayable.
  2. Barely acceptable.  Has significant problems but you can suffer through it without too much agony.
  3. Acceptable.  Everything works and is fine, but nothing stood out to you as amazing.
  4. Above Average.  It's mostly run of the mill but there's certain things that stand out to you as particularly well done or innovative.
  5. Superb.  Not perfect but much better than average.  Has lots of cool stuff or things that were interesting and probably has lots of appeal across the board to all Society Members.

Game Review Template SergeiSig-1
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Game Review Template
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